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PASTOR APPRECIATION Ron Brewer Open Door Bible Church Year of our Lord 2009 2009

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We here at Open Door Bible Church appreciate Pastor Brewer and family. This is presented to you for Pastor Appreciation Month, 2009 2009

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I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine. John 10:14 2009 God has given you the job of a shepherd over this flock. You have gathered your flock.

Let’s take a look at when it all started : 

Let’s take a look at when it all started With nothing With some hard work and a little play We have a finished sanctuary. 2009

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Family and Friends that love and appreciate you 2009

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2009 Pastor Ron and Debbie have touched so many lives

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Baptising in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost 2009

We love to fellowship after you feed us from God’s Word : 

We love to fellowship after you feed us from God’s Word 2009

You are leading the way for our Children : 

You are leading the way for our Children 2009

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Here is a glimpse of some children that Ron and Debbie have touched through out their ministry 2009

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We here at Open Door Bible Church Love you dearly, we appreciate everything you do. Thanks for taking the Job of the Shepherd over this flock Ron & Debbie The following are comments from members of this congregation 2009

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“I am thankful he talks about God.” ~Kendall Stickler 2009

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"I like Pastor Ron because he sings and talks to us about Jesus." ~Bethany Carper 2009

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“He preaches The Word about Jesus.” ~Evahlyn Page 2009

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"I love Pastor Ron... just because." ~Mandi Carper 2009

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“Pastor, I love the way you use various Bible verses, humor and personal experience to get your message understood.” ~Sue Bays 2009

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2009 “Thank you for helping us to understand God’s truth and grace; we are blessed to have you with us.” ~The Doniff Family

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2009 “ Our family loves Pastor Ron and Debbie. Ron explains the Bible so that it’s easier to understand. It’s obvious that he loves the Lord. We will NEVER forget how Ron and Debbie were there for us when we lost Donny.” ~Cindy Carper

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2009 “May you always have a song in your heart, a smile on your face and blessings to share with others. Johnny Appleseed planted apple trees. Thank you for planting and sharing faith, hope and love. Love ya!” ~Allen and Doris Triplett

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“It’s hard to put in words how much I appreciate Pastor Ron and Debbie. Sent cards but they don’t say it all. Ron is always there when I need him. His love, kindness and faithfulness and his messages always help me through the week, to keep on keeping on.” ~Goldie Forney 2009

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“Pastor Ron, I feel so blessed to have you for a pastor. Your sermons and Bible teachings keep me going week after week. One of the many things I love about you is the fact that you let us know that you’re only human and make mistakes too.” ~Betty Adkins 2009

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“I am very thankful to have Ron & Debbie in my life. I’ve learned so much from them over the years. I don’t know where I would be if it weren’t for them. Thank you for all you have done for me!!!!” ~Lisa Hoosier 2009

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“Pastor Ron, I feel so blessed to be able to hear you each week. Your sermons carry me through the week. I appreciate you and Debbie very much.” ~Sue Flynn 2009

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“Pastor Ron, I want to say that I am not a member of the Open Door Bible Church, but everyone is friendly and shows compassion. I like everyone. God wants all Christians to love one another. I can see you are a humble person and you explain the Bible real well. I hope that God will always bless you and Debbie.” ~Evah Salmons 2009

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“You’ve been such an influence to my family. You are such a Godly man, and an inspiration to us all!” ~Kelsey Easter 2009

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“Pastor Ron, thank you for showing me to the Lord…Love You!!” ~Allison Salmons 2009

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“Ron, thank you for being there to give me the encouragement to hang in there and to grow strong in the Lord. You have been a role model and like a father to me. The lessons and messages really hit close to home for me; thank you for that. I love and appreciate you.” ~Freddy Carper 2009

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“We in the preschool class are thankful for God giving us a great pastor to teach us the Word of God, and being the great person he is. Always there when you need him. We love you.” ~Nancy Easter 2009

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“I appreciate Pastor Ron for teaching me about God and His Word since I was little.” ~Neana Hoosier 2009

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“ Pastor Ron is very inspirational in his preaching, teaching, and in his daily life.” ~Charles Monk 2009

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“My first impression of Ron is that he has a wonderful voice. He and I have the same savior, Jesus Christ, and I am hoping for a long life and that Ron, the church, And I may glorify God.” ~ Paul Searls 2009

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“Pastor Ron, you have inspired me to be a better Christian.” ~Alex Carper 2009

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“Pastor Ron, you are a great pastor. I like the way you preach to me about Jesus.” ~Jonathan Carper 2009

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“Dear Pastor Ron, Though I haven’t been to church in a while I would still like for you to know how much you mean to me. When I was younger you and Debbie were some of the few people I looked up to. You have touched my life, and the lives of others. I love you and wish you and your family the best.” ~Toshia Lucas 2009

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“Ron, you and Debbie have been a great inspiration to our family. You both have taught my family the most important life’s lesson…Jesus. I thank you and love you both dearly and wish you the best.” ~Melissa Wheeler 2009

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You are my pastor in every sense of the word. You help me, through Christ, with all my children, and I had a lot of them. You were my relief when I couldn’t cope. I love the Lord, but sometimes the worldly worries move in and you just need to talk. You were always there, and I did appreciate that so much. I love you and Debbie through Christ. You have so much on your shoulders right now, I just wish I could do something to lift some off. You do have my prayers…don’t give up…there is a reason. ~Hallena Lucas 2009

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“ Dear Pastor Ron, You are an amazing pastor and I love you very much for being our pastor. When I was having rough times in school you had inspired me to finish and now I’m in college. I want to thank you for being such a great man and a wonderful pastor to our church.” ~Kayla May 2009

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2009 We appreciate Pastor Ron’s dedication to the church and to the Lord. I am inspired by his ability to see the brighter side of even the worst situation and to look for God’s purpose in places that no one ever wants to have to go. Pastor Ron’s strength and optimism are truly gifts from God. ~The James Family

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Comments of love and encouragement From others in this congregation “Pastor Brewer is a great encourager and always builds you up.” “I thank you for being such a good preacher.” “Pastor Ron, thank you for the many years of faithfulness to the Word of God and what I have learned from your preaching.” “Thank you for being such a wonderful preacher.” “Thank you for your dedication and service.” “Pastor Ron is very honest, and I admire his dedication.” “We thank you for being our pastor and teaching us about Jesus and His love.” 2009

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Tarish Frye

Slide 41: 

Teresa Allison

Slide 42: 

Eric Easter

Slide 43: 

Carrie Easter

Slide 44: 

Debra Monk

Slide 45: 

Aaron Salmons

Slide 46: 

Della Hoosier

Slide 47: 

Elmer Mays

Slide 48: 

Hayley Simokat

Slide 49: 

Heather Allison

Slide 50: 

Helen Ann Salmons

Slide 51: 

Helen Jones

Slide 52: 

Helen Stickler

Slide 53: 

Jo Bays

Slide 54: 

Judy Smith

Slide 55: 

Kyle Estep

Slide 56: 

Keith Somerville

Slide 57: 

~Dee Somerville

Slide 58: 

Karen King

Slide 59: 

Larry King

Slide 60: 

Michael Salmons

Slide 61: 

Mike Hoosier

Slide 62: 

Peggy Coulter

Slide 63: 

Sandy Estep

Slide 64: 

Rob Estep

Slide 65: 

Ron Jones

Slide 66: 

Russell Bays

Slide 67: 

Beverly Faulkner

Slide 68: 

~ Brittney Toppings

Slide 69: 

Samantha Donahoe

Slide 70: 

Kaleb Toler

Slide 71: 

~Jack Hayzlett

Slide 72: 

~Terri Hayzlett

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Ron and Debbie, this is presented to you on behalf of Open Door Bible Church. We hope this blesses your hearts as you have blessed ours throughout the years. May God continue to watch over you and bless you both. Thank you for your dedication to the Lord and to this congregation. The end Designed and edited by Freddy & Cindy Carper Pictures and comments provided by congregation Music provided by Helen Ann Salmons October 2009

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