5 Popular Applications of Metal Bellow Seals

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Being used in various industries and fields, Metal Bellow has various applications. So let us look at the various applications this seal works on.


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5 Popular Applications of Metal Bellow Seals

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There are two types of metal bellow which is formed and welded. Each of the types has their own features and specialties. Let us see now look at the different application bellows are used in. . . . .

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Valve Sealing Metal Bellow Seals are used between the housing and the rising stem to seal the inside part from the outside world. In Europe, it is made to be compulsory in order to prohibit any leakage.

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Vacuum Interrupters The transformers look huge and the amount of electricity voltage it has is insane. So, for switching of very high voltages sparks get affected and thus, as a precautionary measure oxygen has to be removed in the area where the sparks occur. So, this is the time you need  Metal Bellow Seals to seal the spark area completely. Bellows are used to seal such confined volumes, so that the inside part of the bellow is evacuated or filled with an inert gas as well

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Mechanical Seals In the mechanical industry, Bellow Seals are used to close the inside of a pump from the outside world to prevent leakage. There has to be a sealing element consisting of a stationary and a rotating ring while the pump shaft is turning. Thus, the seal is mounted on the pump shaft. A spring is also fitted to enforce sufficient pressure on the two rings. The spring can also have the form of a diaphragm (welded) bellow.

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Load Cells A load cell deforms when it is loaded with the form of a pressure or a strain imposed on it. This deformation is detected by a strain gauge through which a low voltage direct current is flowing. The fluctuation in voltage is detected and made visible on a control panel. That is when the bellow is mounted over the gauge to protect it from outside influences.

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Exhaust Bellows In railways and many other industries, the engine run constantly and causes self vibration. Thus, to compensate for those movements and temperature differences resulting in thermal expansion, bellows are used to connect the exhaust gas pipes to the funnel.

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