Metal Bellow Seals for Sealing Solution


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Looking for a sealing solution? These high-technology metal bellow seals products ensure you zero percent leakage.


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Metal Bellow Seals for Sealing Solution :

Metal Bellow Seals for Sealing Solution Metal Bellow Seals for Sealing Solution

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The FBU Industrial Equipment is specialized in manufacturing and supplying a wide variety of metal bellow seals with corrosion resistant and durable life.

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Metal seals are the elastic vessels that are compressed while pressure is applied to the outside of the vessel or extended under vacuum. After the pressure or vacuum is released, the bellows go back to their original shape. 

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These are high-technology product that can bear resemblance to the original leather bellows used traditionally in fireplaces and forges.

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Also, these are available in harsh to ordinary working conditions which is optional. Used for welded metal bellows seals , it can be used without temperature being limited by the auxiliary seal ring.

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We offer the seals with high tensile strength and easy installation along with recovery characteristics in order to providing efficient performance to the users.

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The seals we offer can work with wide operating temperature range and deliver less spring rate.

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Find effective collection of metal bellow seals that is ideal for several moderate temperature and pressure applications.

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