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Job Design The jobs that people perform in organizations are the building blocks of all organization structures .

Job Design:

Job Design Job design – process by which managers decide individual job tasks and authority Job redesign – process by which managers reconsider what employees are expected to do The well-being of organizations and people relates to how well management designs jobs

Job Design and Quality of Work Life (QWL) (1 of 2):

Job Design and Quality of Work Life (QWL) (1 of 2) Quality of work life (QWL) – philosophy that Enhances the dignity of all workers Introduces cultural change in an organization Improves the physical and emotional well-being of employees Indicators of quality of work life include: Accident rates; Sick leave usage; Employee turnover; Number of grievances filed

Job Design and Quality of Work Life (QWL) (2 of 2):

Job Design and Quality of Work Life (QWL) (2 of 2) The continuing challenge to management is to provide for QWL and to improve production, quality, and efficiency through revitalization of business and industry Job design attempts to: identify the needs of employees and the organization remove obstacles in the workplace that frustrate those needs Managers hope that the results are jobs that: fulfill important individual needs contribute to individual, group, and organizational effectiveness

Nature of Job Design:

Nature of Job Design Job Enlargement Broadening the scope of a job by expanding the number of different tasks to be performed. Job Enrichment Increasing the depth of a job by adding the responsibility for planning, organizing , controlling, and evaluating the job. Job Rotation The process of shifting a person from job to job.

Characteristics of Jobs:

Characteristics of Jobs

Job Characteristics Model:

Job Characteristics Model

Alternative Work Schedules:

Alternative Work Schedules Flextime A work scheduling arrangement in which employees work a set number of hours per day but vary their starting and ending times. Compressed Work Week A work schedule in which a full week’s work is accomplished in fewer than five days.

Alternative Work Locations:

Alternative Work Locations Telecommuting The process of going to work via electronic computing and telecommunications equipment. Temporary Locations Hoteling Virtual office Effects of Alternative Work Arrangements A shift to evaluating employees on results Greater trust, less direct supervision Lack of direct contact (visibility)

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