From Istanbul to Athens (part 1)


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Spring 2010 From Istanbul to athens 21 DAYS OF AMAZING TRAVEL

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Spring 2010 From Istanbul to athens 21 DAYS OF AMAZING TRAVEL

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This way to Mecca . . .

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The Serpent Column The Obelisk The Hippodrome of Constantinople

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Entrance to the Blue Mosque

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The Blue Mosque

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The Hagia Sophia Mosque (formerly St Sophia’s Basilica)

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Topkapi Palace

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The Istanbul Cat Man

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Bosporus Cruise Boat

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The Grand Bazaar

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The soon-to-be-opened aerial tram Built to reduce the bus traffic on the steep mountain road

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Our Trafalgar guide Serkan

The virgin Mary's house & Ephesus : 

The virgin Mary's house & Ephesus

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The House of the Virgin Mary

Photo Album : 

Photo Album by Jim

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Prayers pinned to a wall for the Virgin Mary

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We approach the upper entrance to Ephesus

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The Library of Celsus

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Extracting silk from cocoons

Pamukkale & Hierapolis : 

Pamukkale & Hierapolis

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We arrive at the base of the “Cotton Castles”

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The Pan Thermal Hotel & Spa

From Pamukkale to bursa : 

From Pamukkale to bursa

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The Green Mosque (Yesil Cami ) in Bursa

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The silk area of Bursa

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The Grand Mosque (Ulu Cami ) in Bursa

From bursa to istanbul : 

From bursa to istanbul

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After a week on the road, we arrive back in Istanbul and our coach tour concludes. . .

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.and we prepare for our farewell dinner . . .

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