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PULL and PUSH Production:

PULL and PUSH Production Produce on demand(Pull system) Produce to forecasts of demand or made to stock(Push system)

Kanban-Pull System:

Kanban-Pull System Production system based on the information contained in card, called “ Kanbans ”. Types WK(Withdrawal): contains information on how much materials( rm /semi-finished) the succeeding process should withdraw. POK(Production order):contains information on how much quantity the preceding process should produce.


JIT Primary goal : Zero inventory within an organization as well as throughout the entire supply chain Achieved by questioning each & every aspect of stock at raw materials stores, in process buffers etc. Find causes for unnecessary stock at various points. A detailed analysis of these causes would further breakdown the major causes into wide range of reasons for holding excessive stock.

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“Just –in-time” is not a jargon term for a new concept .It represents a goal . Goal : Ultimate elimination of inventory ,minimal WIP,and is monitored by constant reduction in so-called working capital.It can be achieved only as a result of a fundamental change in management thinking and industrial cultural values.

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JIT : work without Buffer/With minimal Buffer stock. To achieve this objective, identify every point in the organization where buffer stocks normally occur and then examine the reason. Reasons for maintaining high stock: Unreliable deliveries Poor quality Increase variety of materials

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Machine breakdown Labour absenteeism Frequent machine setting Variations in operations capabilities Schedule changes Product modifications

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