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ESOLPK offers Enterprise Solution Services, Microsoft Dynamics ERP and business solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


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ENTERPRISE SOLUTION Enterprise Solutions offer for an ascendible, simple to manage programming solution to providing business management and data accessibility for internal and external customers. Enterprise solutions influence the matter of providing data to customers each outwardly and internally. It deals with programming and databases.


SOLUTION CHARACTERISTICS The solution has the subsequent characteristics and more: • Security - should be ready to make sure data isn't being taken by those we do not need to have access to it. • Scalability - should be ready to accommodate a rise in customers. • Cost - should be simple to program. • Management - should offer ability to manage the implementation together with version management software system and software package that helps manage team effort with regards to providing the solution. • Portable - should be ready to accommodate changes in technology.


ABOUT ESOLPK ESOLPK has in depth expertise across Enterprise Business Solutions suite of applications spanning Enterprise Resource planning, Business Intelligence and Performance Management. We offer end-to-end service offerings and business leading solutions around healthcare, education, producing, supply and much more. Our strategic partnership with Microsoft and several others facilitate us build a positive distinction to customers by orientating their businesses with the newest in information Technology and enhance worth from their investments.


THE ESOLPK MICROSOFT ACTION ESOLPK’S relationship with Microsoft over the last seven years has been a appreciated one encompassing Partner, merchant and client dimensions. Holding all the three dimensions along and guiding them into a unified direction is that the compelling vision of the relationship.


CONSULTING SERVICES Our consulting services embody comprehensive recommendation on electronic payment, loyalty services and mobile applications. Our in-house consultants are continually able to advice on defining and introducing new product and services. We work with customers to know their business and develop a cohesive strategy. Our specialists have worked with multiple organizations serving to them finding a brand new way to add worth to their product and services, gain competitive advantage, register new high-value client and increase client loyalty.


ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS We offer solutions for Business Automation and Business method Reengineering covering key business areas like production, distribution, finance, CRM, procurance, HR, inventory and import/export. Our enterprise solutions are targeted towards multiple industries like supply chain, customer care, distribution, education, health etc


HOW ESOLPK WORK? ESOLPK strategizes, builds, and helps deploy mobile applications on smart phones, tablets, and different Internet-enabled devices that helps migrate organizations to a world wherever work-related data is accessible anyplace, anytime. We additionally facilitate organizations in the preparation of mobile devices of all kinds – smart phones and tablets, and their related IT stack – infrastructure, network, and applications – to:


PURPOSES Enhance the organization’s engagement with its customers utilizing a brand new channel Drive productivity in the organization’s internal business processes Improve the productivity of the organization’s staff


CHALLENGES Do you realize your company boxed in by division silos, troubled to interrupt free to a state where components of company strategy usually tied to the development of your business processes? Are you annoyed with the slow and painful transition of your existing processes to replicate changes in your company’s business model necessitated by a quickly changing business environment? However often will a new process fail in execution at your organization due to shared responsibility, once no single authorized owner focuses on and is answerable for its health?


OUR SERVICES ESOLPK assists organizations in with success overcoming these challenges to assist make sure that their business processes are seamlessly integrated, visible end-to-end, automated, economical and, most significantly, deliver measurable business price. ESOLPK has deep expertise of operating with organizations in industries as numerous as financial Services, Energy, Government, educational activity, producing, and telecommunication. We partner with IBM to deliver innovative bpm solutions that additionally incorporate Integration and SOA.


WEB DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT Our web site design & development experience aligns with our client’s enterprise business needs to make a strong on-line user expertise. Our web development approach strives to make the perfect design; content and interactivity combine whereas clear project lifecycle allows customer collaboration to make on-time, to-budget offerings that guarantee user-delight.


ENTERPRISE WEB SOLUTION Our Enterprise web Solutions completely align together with your business objectives to outline a solutions strategy and develop a close roadmap for Portal implementation. We deliver High Performance customized Solutions with Comprehensive Business Logic and Business and Technical quantifiability followed with seamless support & upgrade to cater to your evolving business desires.


ERP BUSINESS SOLUTIONS AND ESOLPK ESOLPK has helped many enterprises in launching quality programs in industries as numerous as Sales and Distribution, Energy, financial Services, Healthcare, and manufacturing. Having a partner who has deep expertise of implementing the multiple phases of an Enterprise mobility program also because the requisite technology and domain skills, will assist you attain leadership during a quickly changing mobile landscape.


We assist organizations in with success undertaking enterprise-wise process central initiatives: assessing enterprise readiness for process-based modification, translating company performance objectives into measurable KPIs, assessing maturity of processes targeted for improvement, developing TO-BE method models and positioning these with business frameworks. Shaping business process design, developing beats per minute solutions utilizing our tested ESOLPK methodology, building visually rich dashboards to trace continuous method improvement, and serving to organizations started Centers of Excellence that improve governance and aid adoption of beats per minute best practices.


CONCLUSION ESOLPK’s Enterprise Business Unit empowers enterprises to fulfill their business objectives with sustained growth and profit. Our comprehensive suite of ERP and IT business product and solutions are designed to deal with problems across useful areas like auditing, accounting, finance, human resources, project management, and also the like.

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