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ESOLPK offers Enterprise Solution Services, Microsoft Dynamics ERP and business solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


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ESOLPK, a web company has launched the enterprise cloud, an infrastructure as a service solution. The cloud is predicated on VMware technology, is claimed to be secure and versatile to fulfill evolving IT infrastructure desires. ESOLPK’s enterprise cloud could be a virtual data center that gives all compute, storage, network and security elements. Introduction


It deploys vCloud Suite platform, a cloud computing initiative from VMware, to support a hybrid setting. ESOLPK can offer an adaptive infrastructure giving business legerity and adaptability. ESOLPK enterprise cloud has a self-management interface with performance-based storage and a “pay as you go” resource management choice that provides access to further resources like back-up services, advanced observation and disaster recovery services. It's housed in ESOLPK’s data center, that use multi-factor physical and logical security protocols.

Our Approach:

“Our approach to enterprise cloud is to create it as ascendable and economical as attainable for our customers. This thinking is the reason we use best-of-breed technologies versus proprietary software package to make sure our cloud solution’s architecture is versatile to fulfill current and future demands”. Our Approach

Intuitive Cloud Management:

ESOLPK Enterprise Cloud Services (ECS) are over IaaS or Cloud Hosting – they're an enterprise hosting platform deployed globally and managed through our award winning ECS Console. With ECS, you'll simply manage all of your virtual data center resources like compute, storage and complicated networking, read elaborated performance information, create and restore from backups, manage advanced security and compliance, access request information and more. Intuitive Cloud Management

Complete Hosted Cloud Solutions:

ESOLPK continues to introduce on its cloud services portfolio, adding new services and creating existing services best. ESOLPK Enterprise Cloud Services – scalable enterprise-class Infrastructure-as-a-Service with a stunning range of business-friendly properties ESOLPK Enterprise Cloud Services – Advanced Security – Scanning, testing, alerting and reporting to support the foremost demanding security and compliance desires Complete Hosted Cloud Solutions


ESOLPK Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service – Protection for your on-premise workloads, virtual and physical, yet as your systems running in the cloud ESOLPK personal Cloud Services – Dedicated resources with an equivalent exceptional management and functionality of our public cloud ESOLPK Cloud Backup using Veeam Cloud Connect – back up your on-premise VMware and Hyper-V environments to a worldwide ESOLPK cloud location.

Cloud Computing Benefits:

Cloud Computing has various business benefits like enlarged efficiency, value savings, reduced capital investment, improved ROI etc. Enterprises are moving their entire network to cloud, so it's slowly turning into the current company computing model. Cloud Computing Benefits

Advanteges Cloud Service providers :

Cost-efficiency : ‘Cloud services deliver more in less’-this is one in all the main factors driving enterprises towards cloud computing. The user pays as-per-use and that they will even choose to pay weekly, quarterly or annually, relying upon their business needs. Scalability: without abundant prices concerned, the user will scale cloud services. The resources will be value-added or scaled down quickly and with none inconvenience. Advanteges Cloud Service providers


Speed: Cloud computing helps in obtaining more work exhausted less time. Historically the configurations, authorization and implementation of services were done in weeks which may be exhausted hours currently with cloud solutions. Security: A high degree of Security is another advantage of Cloud hosting. Business information is crucial and very confidential. Storing these information on devices aren't safe as a result of if the device is lost, it should use grave consequences. However once your business information are in Cloud, there's no threat of information loss, even though the device is stolen/lost or appropriated.


Flexibility: Cloud services are terribly flexible to the unsteady business demands concerning bandwidth, server capability, storage etc. which may be met quickly with cloud solutions. Flexibility of web services is extremely crucial to any business and with a right cloud service supplier in Pakistan users needn't worry regarding hardware, backup, disaster recovery and package upgrades. Mobility: A right cloud solution can enable the users to be utterly mobile which implies they'll access information anytime and work from anyplace through internet. It permits staff to manage their work-life balance that results into higher productivity. Environment Friendly: Cloud computing utilizes 60-70 % of server capability that is far beyond ancient server utilization rate, i.e. around 5-10%. Fewer machines are needed for cloud computing resulting in lesser power consumption. Therefore the carbon footprint is extremely less creating cloud computing a green hosting solution.

Advanteges of cloud hosting solutions :

Reliability – If one server goes down, you still have a huge resource of servers that are storing your data. No data is lost, and nothing is interrupted. Cost-savings – Our hosting services are split in 2 categories: Pay-as-you-grow, and pre-paid. Supported whether you’re testing a new application or method, or expect steady application loads, there’s a concept to fit your business desires. Flexibility – The cloud is there for once you want it. Therefore, when you expertise a fast surge in activity, the space you wish to handle it's there. Advanteges of cloud hosting solutions


ESOLPK offers variety of various cloud infrastructure offerings, all designed to optimize your business needs. We will discuss with you on the most effective service to fit your demands, permitting you to assemble your own on-demand servers. Term commitments of 1 to 3 years may also assist you save significantly. CONCLUSION

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