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Fastway Express is a leading premium express delivery company providing courier services from India to USA. Call us at 98804 98805 & avail exceptional courier services at discounted price.


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India To USA Courier Service Send Parcel To USA From India

Quality India to USA Courier Services:

Quality India to USA Courier Services Fastway Express is considered one of the top delivery companies in the world. We offer an extensive range of services, including courier services to the USA from India. If you need to send a parcel to the USA from India and want complete peace of mind that your package or letters will be secure, you have come to the right place. Our specialized, dedicated delivery system and reliable courier services are beneficial and perfect for traders, travellers, individuals, corporate entities, importers, exporters, and anyone else that needs topnotch courier services to the USA that they can count on. Whether you need to send highly classified documents, special cargo, parcels, or any other items, we guarantee safe delivery of your items through our quality India to USA courier service. From excess baggage delivery, corporate organization transports, relocation services and more, we provide the expert delivery services that you will need to get the job done effectively, securely, efficiently, and affordably.

Items We Transport:

Items We Transport

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When sending items from India to the USA, you can send almost anything! From garments and medications, to university documents, food items, electronic goods, unaccompanied bags, documents, parcels, and other personal effects or business correspondence, we transport anything that needs sent, to any state in the United States. Fastway Express is committed to giving our customers full service transport solutions. We have earned a phenomenal reputation in the industry, and we have thousands of satisfied clients that continually use our services for all of their India to USA courier service needs. Our services are used by traders, businessmen, exporters, importers, individuals, and other people that need highly specialized international transport services. Our unique system will ensure that your items get to their final destination safely, and in a timely manner.


CONTINUED ... In addition to delivering parcels and documents, we also deliver specialty items such as condiments, groceries, pickles, sweets, and other items that would be hard to send through the postal service on your own to international destinations. Here at Fastway Express, we offer fast delivery, and we are fully committed to ensuring that your expectations are exceeded each and every time you use our service. We have a global presence, a wide network of contacts, hundreds of trained agents, and numerous operation hubs throughout India that enable us to give our customers the quick and reliable deliveries they need.

Office Locations for Our Courier Operations:

Office Locations for Our Courier Operations

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GLOBAL DESTINATIONS Our reliability, flexibility and affordable pricing have allowed us to gain many loyal customers over the years. We not only want to meet your expectations, but we strive to exceed them. If you have any questions or comments, or would like to discuss shipping options on unique or time-sensitive items, please contact us directly at  Write to Fastway


WHY FASTWAY INDIA? Seldom does one come across a company that offers total customer satisfaction. Fastway Express is unlike other cargo companies; we ship packages of any volume in the shortest duration from your doorstep to your family and friends in any part of the world. Fastway Express stands apart not only for this but for the gamut of cargo shipped – eatables are rarely accepted by Shipment companies. With Fastway Express, the shipment of pickles, groceries and medicines is as easy as delivery of documents . Fastway Express specializes in door to door delivery, custom clearance, insurance cover, online tracking and guaranteed delivery like other cargo companies. The difference lies in the execution of the service and the sincerity with which the product is delivered. Fastway Express does not promise the moon and not deliver it; if we promise you impeccable service we ensure that it is adhered to. No customer is allowed to be dissatisfied with our services, and we are therefore known as a genuine cargo service provider. Our custom clearance specialists are efficient and we pride in successful execution of cargo deliveries on time every time.


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