Legal Documents To Start A Non-Profit Organization


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Slide 1: Legal Documents to Start A Non-Profit Organization

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A non-profit organization is set to do some good work. For their great deeds, the federal and the state government provide their organization tax-exempt status. A non-profit organization can make a profit, but can neither distribute it among the members of the corporation nor use it to increase employee salaries. If you wish to start a non-profit organization , first get it incorporated in the state. It helps in providing an identity for your organization. Like a corporation, it enjoys all the benefits of protecting legal and personal assets and an unlimited life span. But unlike any other incorporation, it has less or no tax burden .

In the US, a non-profit organization is an unincorporated association of three or more people filed at the state level as a trust or an LLC. Broadly, it has two categories::

In the US, a non-profit organization is an unincorporated association of three or more people filed at the state level as a trust or an LLC. Broadly, it has two categories: Charitable nonprofits as described under Section 501(c)(3) of IRS Code: It can apply for tax-exempt status by filing Form 1023. On approval of the application, the organization may deduct their contribution from their personal and corporate taxes.

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Service or membership organization formed under other sub paragraphs of section 501(c): Under this, the organization may file form 1024 to confirm their exemption but cannot deduct a contribution to the organization.

A Nonprofit Organization Needs an EIN:

A Nonprofit Organization Needs an EIN

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An EIN, Employer Identification Number is just like an individual social security number. It is also known as Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) and Federal Tax Identification Number (TIN). The IRS issues an EIN. It is necessary for all the legal activities of the organization like opening a bank account, hiring employees, applying for a business license, etc. It is used to file documents of incorporation and to apply for tax-exempt status from the IRS. In case you misplaced your IRS determination letter, you can get it back by submitting an EIN

An Article of Incorporation To Get Your Organization Registered:

An Article of Incorporation To Get Your Organization Registered For filing an article of incorporation, you must keep the following documents ready: • A legal name under which your organization runs • A letter mentioning the type of non-profit you will be registering. • A registered agent in the state of your organization who will receive your legal paper and other legal notifications. • An incorporator at least one who will take the responsibility to execute the article of incorporation. • Name of the director if the organization is membership based. • A letter is mentioning the corporate purpose.

A Non-profit Organization Needs Bylaws:

A Non-profit Organization Needs Bylaws Nonprofit's bylaws address the essential activities like: • Governance to check whether the organization is controlled by the board or by the membership. • Schedule of board meetings • The process of appointment of the directors and the officers. • The name of the directors of the board, their required qualification and the tenure of their service. • A way of changing and amending the bylaws.

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