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6 Traditional Indian wedding dresses for bride Muslim bridal dress For Muslims Nikah is marriage . It allows woman and man to live as couples. Nikah may be a light function where bride wears dress like sari to shararas and salwar kameez. She may cover her head with dupatta or other ghunghats to show respect to men. Wedding may take long gap or short depend on family opinion and on that day bride wears a heavily pleated lehenga in a bright colour traditionally in shades of red with a long blouse embroidered in gold. A dupatta is draped over her head and styled around the shoulders and waist to keep with the age-old tradition also displaying the fine gold embroidery of the dress and jewellery worn by the bride. Sikh bride Being a south Indian I was curious about Sikh wedding rituals and dressings of families especially bride and groom As seen in Bollywood films or in Indian cricket Sikh men wrap their head with safa which is unique amongst all other tradition. In India a bride from Sikh family may traditionally be dressed in red but in other countries she may wear white with her head covered with a Chunni scarf.

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The groom wears a coloured turban and scarf and carries a Kirpan a ceremonial sword or dagger. The idea of a dowry is forbidden in Sikhism. Any Sikh can conduct the ceremony Hindu Bride In Hindu wedding custom bride wears sari or lehenga depend on their region . South Indian Hindu brides mostly having saree of red colour or other bright colours. And other in parts of India brides prefer Lehenga Gagra Choli and Odni during wedding. During the ceremony the bride wears a type of sari called a panetar and the groom will wear a sherwani. Both will be white and red which are traditional wedding colours.

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Christian bridal dress Christian brides all over the world wears white dress may be gown or saree on the wedding day in church. As white is the symbol of purity goodness innocence purity virginity and wash away sins white dress made the place in wedding since 19th century . It was only until Queen Victoria chose an ivory lace style in 1840 for white wedding dresses to become the fashion. Before that red was the common colour for wedding gowns in fact white was actually the colour worn for mourning and death rituals. Jain Bride Jainism is another popular religion in India. They mostly live in Maharashtra followed by Rajasthan. This very peace-loving Jain people celebrate their wedding in simple manner by following their Vivah vidhi rules. On wedding day bride may wear saree or lehenga depending on their taste and region .in Gujarat they wear sarees in typical Gujarati model . Same time Marwari Jains like lehengas .Bride widely choose red colour but now other colours are also coming on wedding day with lot of jewellery or Kundan jadau.

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Buddhist Bride Buddhist Weddings mainly concentrated on realization of the vows and spiritual affairs. They have no particular dress code for bride and groom . Normally bride wears dress called bhaku which is made of brocade and is same as a full length sarong bride pairs it with a long-sleeved blouse- Hanju made of Chinese silk . Also she put some special jacket and scarf with jewellery of precious stones or pearls.

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