Poultry Feed Ingredients

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Poultry Feed Stuff:

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Feed Stuff:

Feed Stuff Naturally and artificial origin. Nutritional value in diet. These are 1-Cereals. 2-Plant protein sources. 3- Animal protein sources. 4-Fats and oils. 5-Minerals


Corn Major source of energy . Moisture is acceptable at least 14% Zeralenone (Vit.D3 destruction) White corn also called sweet corn pure. Yellow corn having more lectin, vitamins and carotenoids.


Wheat Major source of energy in poultry as well as humans. Having high lysine. High temperature decrease lysine and starch. Xylan ( Xylanase ). Pentosans .


Sorghum It is replaced by corn due to same efficiency. Tannin in milo. Methionine overcome tannin. 1 % tannin sorghum not used for turkey.


Barley Medium content of energy and protein. Young birds less ability to digest. Β - glucan Moderate level of trypsin inhibitors.


Rice Poor source of Cp and ME Low level trypsin inhibitor Aflatoxin 10% crude fiber.

Wheat Bran:

Wheat Bran Three by products of wheat. 1-Wheat Bran (high in fiber) 2- wheat middlings 3- wheat shorts. 40% from total wheat is wheat by products. Naturally phytase enzyme.

Rice Polishing:

Rice Polishing 30% rice polish and 70% true bran. Provision of ethoxyquin . High level of phytic acid.

Soybean Meal:

Soybean Meal Excellent amino acid profile. But methionine is limited. 65% is a protein and 35% is oil. Hexane is added to extract oil. After extraction remove hexane. Trypsin inhibitor is present. Over heating destroy lysine.

Canola Meal:

Canola Meal It is derived from RSM by genetic modification. Goitrogens and erucic acid. High amount of phytic acid. 1.4% Sulphur.

Corn Gluten:

Corn Gluten By product of wet milling of corn. High nutrient profile. Less amount of lysine. High level of Xanthophyll (10% of yolk color).

Cotton Seed Meal:

Cotton Seed Meal Due to cheaper source it is used. High fiber content. CSM having 1-Gossypol having adverse affect on lysine. 2- C yclopropene fatty acids affect the egg color and membranes.

Linseed Meal:

Linseed Meal Also called flexseed . Contain high level of linolenic acid that having ability to create attractive towards eggs and meat. Difficult to grind due to small size.

Sesame Meal:

Sesame Meal Deficient in lysine. High amount of phytic acid that cause problem in Ca and P regulation. Bone disorders and eggshell problems.

Meat Meal:

Meat Meal High protein in nature. Meat with bone is a good source of Ca and P. 12% fat is present. If processing is not proper then salmonellosis.

Fish Meal:

Fish Meal Excellent source of essential amino acids. Stabilized with antioxidant. Gizzerosine when fish meal is heated. Due to improper processing digestive problem occur.

Feather Meal:

Feather Meal High protein level. But deficient in some amino acids. Cystine is present in feather having 65% digestibility. But during processing digestibility is 45%. During processing it is treated with keratinase enzyme and NaOH to increase digestibility.

Blood Meal:

Blood Meal High amount of crude protein. High amount of lysine but deficient in isoleucine Blood from processing plants 1-Hemoglobins. 2-Cell membrane. 3-Celullar electrolytes. 4- Small quantity of lipid.


Molasses By product of sugar cane and sugar beet. To stimulate appetite, taste and avoid dustiness. Its inclusion level is low 3-4 percent. It also increase the water intake.

Fats and Oils:

Fats and Oils

Source of Ca, P and Salt:

Source of Ca , P and Salt


References Commercial Poultry Nutrition by S.Leeson and J.D.Summers . ADM-Feed ingredients Catalog.

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