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Sheds4U is an interactive Farm Sheds Company. Our Company is one of the leading company for Farm buildings in NZ. We are providing Kitset Sheds and Kitset sheds for sale and Also Implement Sheds for More info visit our Website


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Economy Model Enhanced Model

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Post Foundation Details Peg out the overall carport size see below Accurately measure off post positions. Measurements are shown to outside perimeter of posts.     Dig holes 300mm Ø and 900mm deep. Apply "Blackseal plus" a bitumen concrete waterproof membrane to the posts 50mm above and 50mm below the concrete level interface to protect posts against corrosion damage. Cleaning area with an alcohol based solvent is recommended prior to application Position posts with correct vertical alignment and brace for stability. Use one post for a datum height and work off that to arrive at the heights of the other posts. Ensure downpipe side of carport is lower than opposite side to allow for roof slope. 25mm fall for a single carport / 100mm fall for a double carport Double check the posts are straight and the locations are correct then pour concrete around posts and trowel to a smooth finish with a 25mm gradient. Where posts have over 3 metres clearance height or for optional extra strength posts are to be filled with course grout with a maximum aggregate size of 9mm crusher dust one part cement to four parts aggregate with no sand and a D12 bar full length of post. Complying with NZS Masonry Construction Materials Workmanship

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Basic Details

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SHEDS4U CARPORT DURABILTY STATEMENT Reference the NZ Building Code Section B­2 Durability. Carport should have a durability of 25 years if fixed assembled and erected in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. The following maintenance requirements form an essential part of this durability statement. 1. Posts: Shall be painted at five years then every subsequent five years using a paint system recommended by a recognised quality paint manufacturer. 2. Gutters and Downpipes are to be cleaned at intervals of four to six months per year specifically after autumn leaves have fallen. 3. The underside of the Kitset Sheds   MUST be thoroughly washed with clear water at least annually. 4. Volcanic Ash Fallout: Any such fallout must be removed from roof and gutters as soon as possible using a hose and soft brush and copious quantities of clean water. Ensure any resulting debris is removed from gutters. 5. Within 2km of the coast wash down roofing gutters and posts on a quarterly basis once every 3 months using a hose and soft nylon bristled brush. In this environment it is necessary in the event of a storm to wash the underside of the carport as soon as possible afterwards since highly corrosive salt deposits will accumulate and cause a rapid deterioration particularly on tension bends on the underside of the protective coatings of the steel product. 6. It is recommended in severe industrial or coastal environments that any unpainted   surfaces   be   painted   using   approved   surface   preparation   and   a suitable  painting  system as  specified  by  the paint  manufacturer.  Also  over painting   for  aesthetic   reasons   will   greatly   extend   the   ultimate   life   of   the product.

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IMPORTANT      CARPORT ERECTION 1. Main Gutter Beams to be temporarily braced true and straight at centre span until erection is fully completed i.e all pop rivets are in place 2. Under no circumstances is the roof to bewalked on until erection is complete and then only when necessary to carry out maintenance. Step only in the pans NOT on the crowns 3. Do not walk on fibreglass rooflites carefullystep over them. 4. All Pop­riveting to be done from  underneath the carport or using a ladder adjacent to the carport only. Ensure fixing centres match the applicable construction details. 5. Where posts have a clearance height greater than 3.0m long they are to be filled with course grout. See post foundation details page 6. Ensure all iron swarf from drilling is thoroughly washed off the carport. Any iron filings or swarf will quickly cause discolouration of your carport.

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