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SEO trends for 2020 - Updates, Tricks for Google Rankings:

SEO trends for 2020 - Updates, Tricks for Google Rankings


Google makes loads of changes to its search algorithms every year. While most modifications are minor, they could have an effect on your search rating. These are some of the SEO traits to see in 2020 . Before we move ahead, it’s better to have the best SEO company in Dubai to ensure all Google updates are being checked on.


Google loves video. It’s a crucial part of your SEO agency in Dubai’s SEO strategy and digital advertising efforts. According to a Forrester Research, video is 50 times greater likelihood to show up at the first page of SERP than a web page with undeniable text. Also, 62% of Google conventional searches consist of video. Create helpful YouTube movies that support present content material for your website. It’s now not a guarantee for first web page effects but you’ll revel in higher site visitors while Google indexes your video. Embed motion pictures on your internet site to get more site visitors. Remember to optimize your video to your weblog’s width. Add reproduction on the page to assist Google to recognize what your video content is about. Video can be Take Over Written Content Material


Only incredible content material permits you to beat the opposition to web page 1 rating. But you'll also have to recall quantity alongside quality. There’s a variety of arguments round the appropriate duration of a blog post. Research indicates that the average duration of the top 10 effects is at least 2,000 words. That’s due to the fact web pages with long-form, super content material enjoy more visibility . However, your content has to comprehensively solution the question the user asked as well as questions related to the principle search query. Content-Length will decide Rankings


A featured snippet is a summary of a solution to a seek query. Google displays it at the pinnacle of the SERP result, above paid and natural ads. They’ve been around for some years and have led to huge changes in Google’s search engine result page. Almost half of all searches bring about no clicks because customers get the solutions they need at once from SERPs. In fact, an Ahref takes a look at of 2 million featured snippets found out that featured snippet gets greater site visitors than the first natural seek end result. Aim for question-based seeks queries and keywords. Use questions from the “human beings also ask” phase as it offers perception on associated questions for a more in-depth solution. Featured snippets will preserve to dominate search consequences


BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) enables absolutely everyone to train their own question answering system. This is the first important change Google has made to its search algorithm because of RankBrain in 2014. BERT will affect one in ten queries. SEO services in Dubai or SEO entrepreneurs who practice BERT models boom their chances of ranking on the first page for featured snippets in Google SERP. BERT can have the most effect on conversational queries in which prepositions like “to” and “for” count to the which means of the search query. Before writing reproduction, examine the top ten content material rating on the first page of SERP for that specific keyword. Is the result informational, transactional or navigational? Create content material that matches the person’s intent-based for your analysis. BERT is Going Nowhere

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