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Windows 8 Media Center: Its Disappearance and Resurfacing:

Windows 8 Media Center: Its Disappearance and Resurfacing

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Since making its debut in 2004, the Windows Media Center is known to be the flagship multimedia program of the Microsoft product line. And for more than 7 years, it has served millions of people with all the media content that they want. However, there have been some rumors that popped out about the Media Center and its presence on the forthcoming next-gen operating system that is expected to take the world by storm: Windows 8. Can it be possible that the Windows 8 Media Center may disappear into thin air? That is just one of the controversies surrounding the first few trials of Windows 8.

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Before we get to delve into the confusion regarding the Windows 8 Media Center , it would be great if we are going to check first what the significance of this product is. As said earlier, the Windows Media Center is the flagship multimedia program of the Windows product line. It can do some of the capabilities of Windows Media Player such as audio/video playing, burning, and internet radio. But it does have some extras. You can watch TV on demand using Media Center with the help of satellite TV or thru a TV tuner device. And what’s more, you can record these shows on demand if you see it fit. In addition to this, it features compatibility with CableCard, as well as smartphones and other mobile devices.

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Windows 8 Media Center is not just the only product that somehow missed out on the initial release of the first developer pre-release. Among those that missed out on this pre-release is .NET 3.5, DVD creator, as well as some Windows 7 games. Sure, that is just a pre-release, but it did grab the attention of most programmers and fans. In fact, even the chief of Windows, Steven Sinofsky, addressed that he got swamped with emails regarding the omission of Windows 8 Media Center . In fact, he said that emails aimed particularly for that absence amounted to at least 50. But those doubts would end up be short living, as Sinofsky himself has admitted that a Windows 8 Media Center is in the works even though it didn’t made it to the initial developer beta.

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But this admission was also partly based on the leaks of the latest preview program of the Windows 8 which includes the Windows 8 Media Center . Regardless of the results, this scenario just indicated something. That no matter how you twist it, people do care about the Media Center. Provided that it’s still under development, the fact that it can elicit discussion because of its potential exclusion just means that fans do care that a Windows 8 Media Center should appear. Now that Media Center is going to make a comeback on the Windows 8, fans of the program can breathe a sigh of relief. If there are going to be new features remains to be seen.

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Windows 8 figures to be an interesting concept, and equally interesting is what features do its individual programs, including the Windows 8 Media Center , is going to have. All we can do is, to quote our favorite programs, is to stay tuned.

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