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Formal shoes for the evening - How to select one:

Formal shoes for the evening - How to select one Wearing the right attire for any occasion is important as it not only indicates your sense of dressing but also gives you the look you desire for any occasion. In this article, let us see how you can match the right formal shoes for men for the special occasion like a wedding or a corporate gathering. Wedding shoes and how to choose one The type of formal shoes you choose should essentially complement your dress. If you are planning to attend a ‘black tie’ wedding party, as far as the attire is concerned you can wear a tuxedo coupled with a black tie and of course formal shoes that will complement your tuxedo. Make sure you don’t opt for shoes made of cheap material. It will impart a very shabby and unkempt look to your entire personality. So, always opt for leather which should also be shining and not just taken out of your shoe closet before the party. As far as the color of the formal shoes is concerned, if it is a black dress you are wearing, the shoes too have to be black and if it is a brown dress, the shoes and the other accessories like the belt should also be brown in color. These days you will find that weddings are not only held in the churches but they are also held in other places like a beach or on a cruise. Either ways, you should wear formal attire. Beach wedding does not mean that you will be in your floral printed shirts and half pants. You will perhaps look out of place. But you can always keep aside the tie and the coat and opt for a smart jacket, a formal shirt, and a lightweight trouser. Weddings on the cruise also demands for a similar dressing sense. You can give up the tie, the tuxedo, and the black shoes. Choose a navy blue formal trouser with a light blue formal shirt and pair it up with burgundy or brown colored formal shoes and a jacket if required.

Shoes for official meetings :

Shoes for official meetings When it comes to corporate gatherings, you definitely will have to stick to a dress code unless otherwise mentioned especially if it is business cum leisure outing where the families are also allowed to participate. When it comes to attending an official meeting, stick to the shoes. But when it is time for you to enjoy, you can always slip into loafer shoes, gliders, or slip-ons.

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