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Family's Choice Cremation, Inc is a reputable, independent funeral home that truly listens to your wishes and the wishes of your family. We offer more practical and less complicated customizable cremation and memorialization options that meet your final wishes or the final wishes of your loved one. We want to make sure that we have affordable cremation options for all families that want to say goodbye to their loved one.


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Family’s Choice Cremation Inc A Division of Smith Funeral & Memorial Services


About Family's Choice Cremation Family's Choice Cremation, Inc  is part of the Simpler Times network of reputable, independent funeral professionals across North America who are listening and responding to the evolving wishes of consumers. We offer more practical and less complicated customizable cremation and memorialization options to meet your final wishes or those of your loved one. We can help with all immediate need and pre-need arrangements for yourself or a loved one. You can arrange everything online in the privacy of your own home with My Final Wishes Selector™ or you can turn to us for guidance. We also assist those in need of bereavement resources. More importantly, through this network, your arrangements are fully transferable to another Simpler Times provider should circumstances in your life require the need to relocate. One call to us is all it takes.


Cremation Planning Our website is intended to provide you and your family with valuable information you need to make the right cremation planning choices what's involved in the cremation process, preparing for a cremation memorial service, facts about pre-planning cremation, how to scatter ashes, and how today's families can use Memories Forever online memorials to pay tribute to a loved one. Understanding Cremation Cremation Service Cremation Products Affordable Memorial Service What we serve . . . .


Grief & Healing Losing a loved one is difficult. Even when we think we're adequately prepared or even when there is great physical or emotional distance, coping with the death of a loved one can take longer than expected. Your grief is very real. You may not fully understand how you, a family member, or friend, are feeling now that a loved one is gone. And as grief is a complex process, unique to everyone, we have gathered grief support resources to help you recognize the subtle distinctions within the grieving process You have simply got to mourn. It’s just that simple. It is an essential part of healing. You are beginning a journey that is often frightening, painful, overwhelming and sometimes lonely.  We have some practical suggestions to help you move toward healing in your personal grief experience.


Contact Us When it comes time to care for a deceased loved one, you may feel overwhelmed and confused about the next steps and available options. Finding the right direct cremation services for your family should never be a stressful, complicated or frustrating experience. If you have any questions about our direct cremation services, prices or require additional information, we encourage you to contact us at anytime. Our lines of communication are always open for families in need. 8 Schoolhouse Road, Warren, RI US 02885 Phone: 401-337-5900 Fax: 401-247-4870 Email:

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