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Diesel engines:

Diesel engines © LivePoster Team @ University of Waterloo Faisal Al- Tameemi

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Similar to the four stroke cycle, the diesel cycle or the diesel engines also have valves. The intake valve in a diesel engine only lets in air, and that is one of the major differences between diesel powered engines and other gasoline engines. The piston is moving downwards sucking in the air into the crankcase.

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A closer look at the valves of the diesel engine. As mentioned the valve on the left side is open, letting in air into the combustion chamber (crankcase)

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During the second stoke of the diesel cycle, the piston moves upwards. The air in the combustion chamber is being compressed due to the motion of the piston .

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Both valves are closed during this stroke.

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One of the main differences between a diesel engine and a gasoline engine is the ignition way. The diesel cycle engines use a fuel sprayer rather than a spark plug as the intake valve only let’s in air. Due to the high compression of the air, the temperature will massively increase causing an ignition once the fuel is sprayed.

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Fuel Sprayer

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The exhaust valve is open. Burned fuel and air mixture. The upward motion of the piston blows the burned air and fuel mixture outside the crankcase (combustion chamber) through the exhaust stroke.

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