Let’s Talk About Vacuum Pumps


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Falcon vacuum pumps are devices that are used to remove the molecules of gas in the vacuum. These are also the source of air. There are different usage of vacuum pumps like removing water and gas. Vacuum pumps are used in commercial and industrial settings.


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Falcon Vacuum Pumps & Systems:

Falcon Vacuum Pumps & Systems Vacuum Pumps For Printing and Packaging Industry

About Us:

About Us FALCON VACUUM PUMPS & SYSTEMS was formed in 1981 as an engineering workshop manufacturing precision components for the printing industry. With nearly 24 years experience in research and development, professional expertise, and international customer service, FALCON sets the standard for producing dry vacuum pumps, vacuum pressure pumps, vacuum pumps and their spare parts of superior quality.

Product Range:

Product Range Vacuum Pressure Pumps Vacuum Pumps Side Channel Blowers Dry Vacuum Pumps Dry Vacuum Compressor

Let’s Talk About Vacuum Pumps:

Let’s Talk About Vacuum Pumps Falcon Vacuum Pumps and Systems  offers its wide range of oil lubricated vacuum pump, automotive vacuum pumps, which find application in different industries. We manufacture, supply and export rotary vane type oil lubricated pumps, which are available in fiber & steel vanes along with the capacity from 150LPM (Liters per minute) to 1200 LPM.

Types of Vacuum Pumps:

Types of Vacuum Pumps Vacuum Pumps LVV 150 Vacuum Pumps LVV 300 Vacuum Pumps LVV 500 Vacuum Pumps LVV 750 Vacuum Pumps LVV 1200

Specification of Above Models:

Specification of Above Models Steel & fiber vanes are used in the above models. The above series pumps have got low operating noise level. The lubrication in the above Series (Other than LVV150&300 models) is ensured with a gear pump. Oil level indicators are provided in the region where they are clearly visible.

All models can be modified to suit specific applications.:

All models can be modified to suit specific applications. Model Displacement Max Vacuum Power Reqd LVV 150 150 LPM -600 mm of Hg 0.5 LVV 300 300 LPM -600 mm of Hg 1 LVV 500 500 LPM -600 mm of Hg 2 LVV 750 750 LPM -600 mm of Hg 3 LVV 1200 1200 LPM -600 mm of Hg 4

Applications :

Applications Screen Printing Machines Bottling Plants Vacuum Forming Machines Blister Packing Machines Cigarettes Making Plants Food Packaging Machine Liquid Packaging Machine Pick & Place Application These pumps are used in the following machines : –

Spares for Vacuum Pump:

Spares for Vacuum Pump We caters to the whole range of Vacuum Pump Spares, some of them are displayed over here. We can supply any of the required spare as per customer’s specification


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