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Your Growing Reader:

Your Growing Reader How your child grows as a reader

A Pre Reader:

A Pre Reader Plays with Books as toys Has been exposed to books and enjoys hearing them Attracted to the bright colors and illustrations Can't identify any words or letters on the pages Enjoys looking through books and magazines

A Beginning Reader:

A Beginning Reader Needs pictures on every page Can name all the letters in the alphabet & knows most of the sounds Memorizes books and tries to read them. Reads aloud inexpressively Does start recognizing sight words like C-A-T, R-A-T, M-A-N Rough age – 4-6 years

An Intermediate Reader:

An Intermediate Reader Reads smoothly with some mistakes, with pauses at difficult/unknown words. Uses pictures along with words to find the meaning of the story. Comes across an unknown word, sounds it out. Reads aloud expressively sometimes and pauses for most punctuation. Enjoys new books, reading easier ones independently. Rough Age – 6-8 years

An Advanced Reader:

An Advanced Reader Reads smoothly with few breaks Reads chapter books and can comprehend it completely Enjoys books without pictures Looks up an unknown word in the dictionary, or asks the meaning of the word. Can answer questions about the material and share feelings and thoughts about the story. Reads aloud expressively Shows interest in longer, more detailed stories

Happy Raising Readers Thank You!:

Happy Raising Readers Thank You!

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