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Professionally, Fakir Hossain is the owner of Eden College based in Durban, South Africa and several other international businesses going on and on. https://goo.gl/sY6o3u


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Fakir Hossain:

Fakir Hossain

About Fakir Hossain :

About Fakir Hossain Fakir Hossain is a professional and versatile computer software engineer with specialization in a variety of disciplines related to software development. Professionally, he is the owner of Eden College and several other international businesses going on and on.

Fakir’s Educational Background:

Fakir’s Educational Background Fakir has been awarded Master’s Degree in Science by Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland. Fakir has also earned degree in Law to be recognized as a Barrister at law at the Honorable Society of the Inner Temple, London, UK. Fakir has earned a certificate in Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Studies from McMurry University, Albilene , Texas, USA.

Fakir’s Intellectuality in Telecommunication:

Fakir’s Intellectuality in Telecommunication Fakir is credited to have developed a protocol for VXML grammar for a specific project signing a half-year indenture. Apart from developing the protocol, he has developed a variety of variables manipulation for a speech recognition system via ColdFusion.

Professional Mindset:

Professional Mindset Fakir has a scintillating personality and the trait about being superbly knowledgeable about different traits has been hospitable for his business growth . Fakir Hossain is on the whole a man of parts for whom success has been shining through end to end of his professional career since ever.

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