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Ask for and offer help in English


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ASK FOR AND OFFER HELP NF-8 SMP Oleh : Eka Dewi Fajariyanti , S.Psi

What you say to ask for help?:

What you say to ask for help?

Offering help in English: :

Offering help in English: Let me give you a hand. Here, I’ll do it for you. May I help you with ..., Sir/Ma’am …………………

May I help you?:

May I help you? Use 'May I' or 'Can I' the base form of the verb in a statement.

Are you looking for something?:

Are you looking for something? Use 'Are you looking for' something OR anything in particular OR specific object

Would you like some help?:

Would you like some help? Use 'Would you like' some help OR some advice OR a recommendation

Do you need some help?:

Do you need some help? Use 'Do you need' some help OR some advice OR a recommendation

What can I do for you today?:

What can I do for you today? Use 'What can I do for' you, her, him, etc. today OR this morning, this afternoon, this evening



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1. _____ you? May I to help May I help May he helps 2. _____ Can you help I? Can I help you? Can he helps you? 3. Are you _____ something? looking to looking after looking for 4. Would you like _____? some help helping some helping

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5. Do you _____ some help? need desiring needed 6. What _____ for you today? can I do could I do must I do 7. Would you ______ some help? like to like liking 8. Could I be _____? in assistance of assistance to assistance

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n- uncount If you give someone assistance, you help them do a job or task by doing part of the work for them. (=help, aid) Someone or something that is of assistance to you is helpful or useful to you. ♦ be of assistance phrase V Can I be of any assistance?


CASE STUDY What is the difference between words: can you, could you and would you??

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Can you help me with my homework later? (said to a friend or family member)  casual Could you tell me how to get to the train station from here? (said to a stranger on the street)  more polite/ for ability Would you lend me your car this weekend? (said to a friend or family member, but in a very polite way because you want something from them)  willingness

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