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2 Question No :02 Question: 1 A server with IP address is protected behind the inside interface of a Cisco ASA and the Internet on the outside interface. User on the Internet need to access the server ay any time but the firewall administrator does not want to apply NAT to the address of the server because it is currently a public address. Which three of the following commands can be used to accomplish this Choose three. A. static outside inside netmask B. nat inside 1 C. static inside outside netmask D. no nat-control E. access-list no-nat permit ip host any nat inside 0 access-list no-nat F. nat inside 0 Answer: CEF Which statement about the Cisco AMP Virtual Private Cloud Appliance is true for deployments in airgapmode A. The amp-sync tool syncs the threat-intelligence repository on the appliance directly with the AMPpublic cloud. B. The appliance can perform disposition lookup against either the Protect DB or the AMP public cloud. C. The appliance can perform disposition lookups against the Protect DB without an Internet connection. D. The appliance evaluates files against the threat intelligence and disposition information residing onthe Update Host. E. The Update Host automatically downloads updates and deploys them to the Protect DB on a daily basis. Answer: C Become Valid Cisco 400-251 Exam Questions - 400-251 Study Material - Realexamdumps.com

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Question No :03 Question No :04 What are the most common methods that security auditors use to access an organization’s security processes Choose two. A. physical observation B. social engineering attempts C. penetration testing D. policy assessment E. document review F. interviews Answer: AF What are two features that helps to mitigate man-in- the-middle attacks Choose two. A. DHCP snooping B. ARP spoofing C. destination MAC ACLs D. dynamic ARP inspection E. ARP sniffing on specific ports Answer: AD

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Question No :05 Which two statements about 6to4 tunneling are true Choose two. A. It provides a /128 address block. B. It supports static and BGPV4 routing. C. It provides a /48 address block. D. It supports managed NAT along the path of the tunnel. E. The prefix address of the tunnel is determined by the IPv6 configuration of the interface. F. It supports multihoming. Answer: BC Download Cisco 400-251 Exam Dumps - Effective 400-251 Question Answers - Realexamdumps.com

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