Patient Center Design in Sydney Involves Medical and Dental Fitouts

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 Patient-centered design means considering who is using your medical practice and then adapting it or updating it to meet their needs.  This approach is best suited to the reception and waiting areas because your patients are more likely to spend more time in these areas.  Instead of exposing your patients to a quieter cramped and uncomfortable setting you can use a patient-centered medical fitout to make the waiting areas and other areas of your medical practice more comfortable inviting and less stressful.

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 Patient-centric furniture:  Most of the time your patients will spend in your practice will be spent in your waiting area and chairs in other rooms so it may make sense to address your furniture first.  To begin with you will want comfortable chairs that are sufficiently imposed and provide support. If you have elderly patients you need a firm hand-rest to stand up. If you are treating children you may also want seats that are designed for their smaller frames.  It is also worth considering "mixing" your furniture in your waiting area to meet the different needs of your patients. This includes including tables for children to sit and paint.

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 Patient-centric aesthetics:  A patient-centered medical practice should appear warm and inviting.  Dental fitout include Colored walls murals decals artwork and other elements of visual appeal provide an easy way to achieve this. If your practice is a family practice or focused on treating children there may even be a wall in your waiting area where your charts show up.  Plants and water features offer another way to make your practice more inviting. Bringing natural ingredients into the home has also been found to offer health benefits so it may be a win-win approach.

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