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WHAT MAY GO WRONG WHILE GETTING RIGHT JOB? By : FAHIM SAIYED Knowledge by itself is NOT power. Knowledge plus action – That’s power!

1. Lack of preparation:

1. Lack of preparation Carrying improper CV I nappropriate dress code and Personal Appearance Completely unaware of interview questions No knowledge of company and industry

2. Casualness :

2. Casualness One needs to be geared up 100 per cent before the interview .

3. Failing to understand the job role:

3. Failing to understand the job role If a person does not understand his/ her role properly, he cannot justify his suitability for the job.

4. Lack of skills:

4. Lack of skills M ore than 70 per cent of the candidates lack in employability skills – Report by HR experts & corporate professionals Lack of communications skill, interpersonal skills, analytical abilities and good personality

5. No proper focus:

5. No proper focus Have only one common CV even if they apply in several job Lost focus from the job that they will have to perform Fail to understand the question

6. Lack of subject knowledge:

6. Lack of subject knowledge Lack conceptual clarity in subject Don’t revise their subject and fail to express the application part

7. Lack of confidence:

7. Lack of confidence U ses too many negative words such as, 'I am not sure', 'May be I can', etc The negative gestures or negative body language

8. Punctuality:

8. Punctuality Arriving late is extremely poor form Arriving too early is also not acceptable

9. Other Reasons::

9 . Other Reasons: Lie on your resume Lack of career goals Don’t Bother Learning About the Job Don’t Answer Questions Directly At the End of the Interview Ask No Questions Not sending a thank-you note Arrogance Low Enthusiasm Lack of personal goals


Cont… Mistreating anyone Lighting up a cigarette, or smelling like a cigarette Bad-mouthing your last boss Inquiring about benefits too soon Asking too many questions Yawning Taking a seat before your interviewer does


Cont.. Becoming angry or defensive Complaining that you were kept waiting Complaining about anything ! Chew Gum Share Confidential Information from Your Current Employer Stopping your job search while you wait for a response

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