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Factual Spirituality is an organization where one grasps the knowledge of the self-realization. We usually teach meditation, quality life and make people understand that realization is more real than belief. People can hire a Realist, who lives with the client to make him realize the self.


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As a Realist perspective it is general psychology that everyone is looking for permanent happiness. Some think that happiness is in wealth some look for it in health. Some feel that happiness is in relations some wonder that it might be in fame. Some try for it in helping others some try it in spirituality. But it is a reality that everyone is definitely looking for PERMANENT HAPPINESS. Hire a Realist

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So here are the gates of abundance. With the grace of the factual spirituality organization the Realist is here for you to give you the key to permanent happiness. But we can help you the best if you have seen the success and if you have faced the temporary happiness and have done everything with which you were wondering that it makes you happy but the result was always ZERO.

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We can help you if you have understood that the money the relations the fame the targets the goals and even the success hadn’t bought you happiness. If you are brave enough to have a realization of truth in your life you can contact us and get connected to our Realist to make a better quality of LIFE

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We wish everybody to be successful in their lives. Before that we wish everyone to discover what is a success for them as the success varies to every individual. But before that we wish everybody to understand the deep meaning of a term ‘SUCCESS’.

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Hi… As an Author Realist and Seeker I heartily welcome you here. A lot of motivational speakers gurus masters are in this world to give people the same quality of life which I am proposing you but the difference is as big as the difference in our results. °°° My way of working is to give 100 attention to my friend who hired me. O yes If I say 100 it means 100. I will be with you 24 into 7 like a childhood friend and do whatever you do in your daily routine. THIS IS HOW I WORK

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Dow worry I am not here to stop you from anything as if you go party I go too. If you go the funeral I go too with you. I will be there with you all the time to cheer you. I won’t say anything to change in you. After all a Realist understands the feeling of an individual. You just have to be with me and that’s it. Of course I will guide you if you will have any questions. I will listen to your problems.I will surely give you solutions to keep your mind young fresh and in peace but I won’t force even a little to mold you as I know that the mind is a very sensitive thing and we cannot quell it. As spirituality is no different than understanding the living.

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THE REASON WHY I WORK LIKE THIS Have you ever wonder that even being taught the positive by the parents how come a child learns to speak the lies get angry and be mean It’s surprising that parents always teach the kid to be truthful but the result is opposite most of the times. This is because a kid doesn’t actually learn from the advice but from his observationthat what their parents do.

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Let me tell you that not just a kid but every single person either young or old learn from his observation only. A kid is egoless so he expresses openly that he learn from what he observed. A man can’t express it as it affects his ego. Lill deep h.. ♥♥ Okay All I want to say that you just need to observe me being with me as my friend and I guarantee that you will touch the peak of happiness.

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So here I am welcoming you to the world of facts and spirituality as my friend. Click the button below and hire me as a companion who is about to change your life. Hire a Realist

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