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Candykid89 : Hi Timmy123: Hi I’m Timmy. How old are you? Candykid89 : I’m 8. Timmy123: Me too. We should be friends. Candykid89 : Ok. Do you live near Woonsocket RI. Timmy123: Yes. I live in Woonsocket. I know a cool place where we can meet up to play but it's a secret. Candykid89 : Ok I wont tell anyone. Where is it? Timmy123: There is a cool place to play at Mount Saint Charles. Meet me next to the dumpster on the side of the building. Candykid89 : Ok I’ll be there, but don’t tell your parents where we are going. Timmy123: OK I wont. What do you want to do? Candykid89 : Maybe you can help me find my lost puppy. Candykid89 : Hello? Candykid89 : Are you there? Timmy123 h as disconnected..... Candykid89 has disconnected….

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