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CLEANING CODES It is necessary that there always be a tag attached at the corner of Upholstery materials. It helps the buyer be aware of its cleaning method. One must keep things like this in mind before buying new upholstery materials for your house. It is also essential to remember while purchasing items from an auction. Cleaning instructions are generally tagged at the bottom of the seat of couches and cushions. If it is difficult to find the cleaning code then you must check every sticker attached with your upholstery materials. In case the labels are removed after its purchase you should not be worried. It is possible to find the cleaning code on the product page of the website. If it is antiquated you should contact the people who have sold it to you.

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"W" If your upholstered furniture is marked with a "W" then you should be glad because it can be cleaned with water. You should be glad after knowing this fact because cleaning stubborn stains are tough from an Upholstery Fabric. Fabrics marked as “W" are genuinely durable and more comfortable to clean if something split on it. The fabric is ideal for your couches dining table chairs and carpets. Your furniture would not dig deep on your pocket for its cleaning and it will be done quickly.

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"S" Code "S" on furniture is an indicator that your furniture must be cleaned with solvents. Only dry cleaning should be performed on upholstery fabrics as it can get damaged if contact of water. Every upholstery seller keeps such kind of furniture because it sold to them by your local carpet cleaner. Ensure that after using such type of a product you use a blow dryer so that the spot dries quickly without leaving a ring Do not enable your furniture to wind up freakishly dirty if you want to be satisfied with the expert cleaning results. Dirt and spills must be cleaned quickly for the maintenance of your products colour and texture.

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"S/W" "S/W" this mark means that both dry cleaning and water may be used to clean the upholstery fabric under this code. There are various types of furniture whose cleaning should only be done by the professionals but upholstery materials under this code mean it can be cleaned by oneself too. If you don’t have a budget that allows you to do the professional cleaning of your product then you should not be worried. Furniture under this code can be cleaned by oneself as quickly as possible otherwise the stains will set it. If you are doing the cleaning then using a cleaner which is solvent based is always suggested.

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"X" This code isnt a standard nowadays. It is seen mostly on textured blinds and shades. It implies the particular fabric cannot be cleaned and should only be vacuumed. You can still know its cleaning method at a rebuilding shop nearby. Lightfastness explained

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