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Perth's tapware specialist EzyFix presents a slideshow on Self Cleaning Shower Heads.


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Self- Cleaning Shower Heads

slide 2:

● Have you ever had the frustration of turning on your shower to only receive a trickle of water ● Or perhaps it’s jetting out but not where you want it to... flooding walls ceilings and expensive flooring. ● This is likely caused by calcium and mineral deposits in your water building up inside your shower head over time. ● Left unchecked it can cause expensive damage to your surrounding surfaces and can lead to corrosion in the plumbing itself.

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● To make sure this problem is corrected you’ll need to make sure your shower is cleaned regularly with a vinegar solution which helps to remove and prevent mineral and calcium deposit build ups. ● Start this when your shower head is new for best results. ● If you are already having issues your shower head likely needs a calcium reducing vinegar bath to soften the deposits allowing them to break up and wash out of the head. Cleaning

slide 4:

● As far as how to clean your shower there are only two options: 1. Find a way to get the head soaking in vinegar as it is head high in your shower. This presents obvious challenges Or 2. Disassemble the shower head and potentially spend hours scouring and reassembling and hoping you got it right before you turn the water back on. This will need to be repeated periodically throughout the life of your shower. While it may seem like a hassle you’ll be glad you did it the next time you want a warm refreshing shower. The 2 Cleaning Options Available

slide 5:

● However - there is now another way ● Replace your old shower head with a new Self-Cleaning Hand Shower from EZYFIX. ● Our Revolution showers are known as the most adjustable shower heads in Australia. ● They’re also easy to install and carry a warranty even on your DIY install so you can do the replacement yourself. A New Alternative

slide 6:

● The self-cleaning shower heads features 5 functions and adjusting between the functions activates the self-cleaning mechanism to dislodge calcium and lime scale before they become a problem meaning no more shower cleaning. ● Installation involves no drilling no messy adhesives and no suction cups just a perfect fit backed up by the EZYFIX no excuses parts warranty even if you install it yourself. ● So do yourself a favor and order a permanent solution to your slow messy shower today. A New Alternative

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