Tips for Moving Off Campus

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To find student-friendly apartments for rent in Kitchener, Waterloo, some tips must be followed – consider your budget, start searching online, apply only to student-friendly places.


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Tips for Moving Off Campus:

Tips for Moving Off Campus

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Living off campus can make you feel free and independent. However, it won’t make you feel that way if you don’t find a good place to live. Unfortunately, finding that “good place” isn’t always simple, especially for students. On the other hand, there are some tips that can help you get through. Below are a few of these tips that can help you find cool, worry-free off-campus housing.

Only Apply to Student-Friendly Places:

“Student-friendly” apartments for rent in Kitchener, Waterloo have several features: They’re close to campus, close to transport, offer a community and flexible lease terms, and provide a variety of amenities. This means: Your apartment should be in walking distance or less than a 10-minute drive away from your university. Only Apply to Student-Friendly Places

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Your lease agreement should include terms for early termination, subletting or moving in new roommates. Utilities should be inclusive (if possible). There should be useful amenities, such as a study lounge or gym.

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Try to find a place that doesn’t expect long-term renters, so that you can move out early if needed. Remember that it’s not fair to leave your landlord hanging. Additionally, sign alease with a fixed rental rate, because it’s also not fair for the landlord to unexpectedly raise your rent.

Start the Search Early:

Start the Search Early During the fall, residence halls and/or student apartment communities can fill up quickly. This means you’ll need to apply for your apartment as early as possible. And the summertime is the right time. Searching during the summer could help you secure the most unique and affordable apartment on the market. If you wait until the fall, you might not be able to secure any student housing in Waterloo , whether off or on campus.

Consider Your Budget:

Consider Your Budget Generally, off-campus housing is considered more affordable than on-campus housing. However, this depends on several factors. These factors include: The location of the apartment If utilities are included in the rent (inclusive) Additional rental or service fees How well you budget

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Apartments in high-demand areas are typically smaller and more expensive. Try to find a place that’s close to campus and amenities but outside of high-demand (expensive) areas. Inclusive housing can help you save money, while streamlining the bill-payment process. Many apartments also come with additional fees for amenities, parking, furniture rental, etc., so look for these extras before signing the lease.

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Budgeting-well means forgoing frivolous luxuries, only purchasing affordable household items or furniture, and paying your bills on-time. However, look for deals wherever you can find them, especially those that can help you save on rent. These deals include inclusive and/or furnished apartments. But if you can’t afford an apartment on your own, find a roommate or two.

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