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English Speaking Course in Gurgaon for all the people who want to upgrade themselves in this competitive world. we are providing for Spoken English, IELTS, and TOEFL, with Alternative learning methods. classes and demos are available.


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English Speaking Course In Gurgaon:

English Speaking Course I n Gurgaon English Prozone

Why To Choose For This Course?:

Why To Choose For This Course? English is mostly used language in world, every fourth person understand and speak English. Easy to find the respectful jobs. Helping out while traveling across countries. Increase your reputation in society.


Learning experience w ith new environment. Alternate Learning Methods like : role play, AD mad competition, speak with cartoons…etc. Get every day performance reviews. For increasing your knowledge and fluency In English. Best course structure for preparation and learning.

Courses We Offer:

Courses W e Offer 1 - Spoken English Classes. English Speaking Course for kids - Schooling age children who has difficulty in speaking and writing E nglish, we provide short term courses for them to clear their basics and improved in their fluency.


English Speaking Course for J ob Seeker - Lot of people suffering from finding their interested jobs because of language problem and haven't able to clear Interview rounds, we prepare them for all.


English Speaking Course for Business People. - The People finding difficulty in talking with clients, trading people or do not getting business because of lack in communication for increase the business, we help them to make better effective talking techniques.


English Speaking Course for Beginner - Course in specially for those person who even do not aware of simple words and the person who has never met with English environment but he/she want change in his speaking and writing skill


English Speaking Course for Intermediate - These people some ware know some common terms of E nglish but do not understand exactly what the person is speaking and what is the exact meaning of sentences while reading and has courage to learn more.


English speaking course for Advance learner -This course only offer to person who is good in his speaking and writing but want to increase his heavy vocabulary level for speaking and informal way of talking like Britishers or USA people, want to gone for foreign studies in Europe. It include IELTs and TOEFL courses.


Today study environment has changed but many of them following the old teaching methods, we follow new high technologies and better teaching methods than any one in English speaking courses in market. BUT What are those methods which we follow to teach ? Why we follow these methods only?


What are those methods which we follow to teach ? Only teaching through books make you bore, we have smart classes where you will learn by watching videos and images, many games were played during sessions like:- role play, carton character, character-word thinking, presentation classes…many more.


Role Play In this you always ask to play a character role in class, this class specially for those who are not confident while speaking in English, hardly remember the that what word should be used in which situation as this activity is important for every courses in E nglish P rozone institute.


Presentation Classes Many people know that what to express in meetings and in front of any people but they do not able to speak, reason being they do not know how to present our views on the spot, this class help them to rid from this kind of hesitation.


Interviews Classes Majorly faced by Job seeker, Problem for clearing the interviews and got rejected many times after having good skills but not good at speaking, we provide this class for better optimize your skill to clear the interviews in first attempt.


Mock Interviews This class is practical class where you have to give interviews. And you will be prepared for different type of rounds conducted in interviews.

Many More…:

Many More… Competition in between teacher and their students , professional with students, Group discussion with different topics every day, one on one discussion…etc.


Faculties Learn with highly experienced teachers. Faculties are specialized in teaching throughout their career. Had done their degrees in English specialization. Friendly faculties and availability for your doubts. Good environment provided to learn more. Common room provided for those who want to give time to practice for English speaking.



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