How will the baby boomers affect real estate markets


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This presentation shows all of the different forms available to baby boomers looking to rent real estate around the country.


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How will the baby boomers and shifting demographics affect real estate markets in the next decade?:

How will the baby boomers and shifting demographics affect real estate markets in the next decade? EZ Landlord Forms

Increase Rental Demand:

Increase Rental Demand As Baby Boomers age they will be looking for one-story housing options in safe, “walkable” neighborhoods. Apartment and condominiums will become more attractive as baby boomers age, given their lower upkeep and maintenance.

Increased Strain on Social Security:

Increased Strain on Social Security With so many baby boomers leaving the work force, Social Security will be strained to the limit. Younger generations will feel the extra strain of the baby boomers on the overall economy, from governments’ budget pressure to parent caretaking costs to family members moving in.

Increase in Rentals:

Increase in Rentals As baby boomers look to sell homes and downsize, they may be forced to lease out their homes instead of selling, due to their local economy and housing market. It is important for baby boomers to protect themselves and their assets through lawful landlording and proper tenant screening techniques.

Increasing Number of Home Renovations:

Increasing Number of Home Renovations As some baby boomers move in with their children, home renovations and additions should see an increase. The in-law suite is growing more popular nationwide, as an alternative to retirement communities.

Increase in Retirement Resort Communities:

Increase in Retirement Resort Communities As baby boomers retire, more retirement resort communities such as Sun City and The Villages will arise around the country, particularly in retiree-friendly areas. As retirees live longer they will look to enjoy their later years in these communities.

Increased Hospital Visits:

Increased Hospital Visits As baby boomers age they will likely have to be admitted into hospitals more often. Signing a residential lease with an assisted-living facility that can prevent some - and help expedite other – hospital visits can extend baby boomers’ lives and relieve the burden on their children.

Increase in Homes for Sale:

Increase in Homes for Sale As baby boomers downsize to smaller homes and assisted living facilities, more single-family homes (particularly multi-story and outlying suburban homes) will hit the market. This will lead to higher demand for smaller homes closer to suburban centers and high-end urban neighborhoods, and a higher supply of larger, multi-story, outlying suburban homes.

Maintenance Costs:

Maintenance Costs Many homes owned by older baby boomers are in need of significant updates and repairs. Baby boomers should be prepared to spend significant money fixing issues with their homes before selling, if they want to sell at top market pricing.

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