Tips to save money while hiring a driver

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Tips to save money while hiring a driver - An Ezidrive Guide One is not always prepared to drive after a really long day at work when on a long travel or some other time. This is the time when drivers come as a handy option. If you want to hire the right driver you need to be prepared to invest a bit of money upfront. If you are a resident of Bangalore or Chennai you don’t have to worry about a good driver as Ezidrive take care of that. But here are few personal tips to find a right driver for you and save money at the same time. • Try to contact a Chauffeur agency all by yourself It is always a better option to go to the demand driver hire service agency all by you. Avoid taking help of a middle person or a broker. The majority of the problems arise when we appoint a third party to find a driver. Expecting a huge margin of the commission he would fake the amount and take more from the customer. Remember a broker is only an agent the customer’s deal is always with the driver. So always you must step out of your comfort zone and find a driver for you to save money. • Never forget to negotiate Negotiation can do a million wonders to save money. The service providers would always set the money bars too high for us to digest do bargain and settle for a convenient amount. While negotiating be discreet and diplomatic as sweetness always works. Feel free to ask as to why are they costing to some much and don’t forget to do your own homework on it. • Hire a local guy Be it for any sort of service like a night driver city driver outstation driver corporate etc. prefer to hire a local guy. This is not only safe but also saves our money. An inbuilt arises when we hire a local guy we feel safe enough to hand our car over to him. A local driver would certainly know all the routes causing no harm and damage to the car. This certainly a pocket-friendly advice. Above all the local drivers a come down by a huge bargain when you negotiate. • Give a lump-sum payment Most of the people who hire a driver for a one day service or temporarily tend to pay money on per day basis. Avoid this Instead of paying the driver on per day basis pay him the lump-sum amount. This would certainly save money while hiring a driver. • Take you own driver while going on an out-station tour When on an out-station tour most of the people tend to drive from their resident city to the vacation spot all by themselves and hire a driver at that spot with a myth that this would save their money. This is completely false Any agency would cost more when a tourist comes to hire

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a driver. Apart from this they would opt for the longest path adding to our budget. To avoid this take a driver from your resident city. This idea is never a drawback one. Check it out yourself Here are a few tips to save money while hiring a driver. Apart from thinking a pocket-friendly manner be sure to find a safe driver too.

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