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Eyota is one of the most popular engineering services company in Singapore that offers Engineering Design, Procurement and supply of essentials in construction, petrochemical and other infrastructure segments with cheap price and effective services.Eyota provides fabricated pipe spooling to the Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Power, Water, and Mining (and similar) industries..


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Best Maintenance Services Company In Singapore


Eyota offers a range of maintenance services such as rope access system. Rope access is defined as a way of arranging oneself in a particular location in order to perform some work optimally. In some situation, the work can only be done with rope access safely. It was first known to be created from similar procedures used in rock climbing and caving activities. According to the Singapore’s Workplace Safety and Health (Work at Heights) Regulations 2013, the person who performs any work at height at a workplace using an industrial rope access system is obliged to make sure several conditions are fulfilled.


Firstly, the rope access system must have minimally two separate ropes where one of them is used for work and the other acts solely for safety purposes. Secondly, the worker who makes use of the rope access system must be given an appropriate harness that is attached to both the working and safety ropes. Thirdly, the working rope must be able to allow movement upwards or downwards in a safely manner and contains an automatic locking mechanism should the worker accidentally lost control and fell. Lastly, there must not be any components in the rope access system that will cause any compromise in any safety aspects when it is being employed and used.


  Rope access system


The regulation also states that the person who performs any work at height at a workplace using an industrial rope access system is obliged to make sure that every single component comprised in the employed rope access system are constructed with reliable materials of satisfactory quality that is able to withstand the appropriate force and pressure. They must not be any defect in the material or workmanship.


They must undergo proper maintenance as well as contains a unique marking such that it can be traced back to the test inspection that has been carried out. Eyota offers rope access system maintenance services such that their operating needs are kept up to standards as well as maintaining a high level of safety at the same time. The environment and tasks that employ the rope access system usually do not result in the material being degraded due to the contact between the rope and the movement parts.


However, Eyota is able to restore the rope access system to its original state if such degradation starts to appear after continuous use. Eyota inspects the rope access system thoroughly so that it remains in its optimal working condition and in a safe state in a manner conforming to the Singapore safety regulations regarding working at heights at the workplace.


Eyota also provides several types of scaffolding and the necessary workers. Scaffolding, also known as staging, are available for rental and are setup at the required site as and when it is needed. These temporary structures are erected to allow workers to be able to perform activities such as construction or repair of buildings. Eyota ensures that such structures are setup according to the strict criteria of its customer satisfaction and acceptance.


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