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An introduction to, a new approach to apartment rentals in New York City. Visit to find out more! (f)


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You’re living the dream in New York City… …but you need an apartment.

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You look online… SPAM! SCAM!

Slide 3:

You make some calls.. It's rented.. Not available.. No such listing!

Slide 4:

You make an appointment with a broker about a listing… You spend the day looking… LIKE IT?

Slide 5:

If you find an apartment you like through a broker… $3000+ Broker’s Fees

Slide 6:

How about those no-fee listings? It's rented.. Not available.. No such listing!

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Apartment hunting is frustrating Wouldn’t it be great if there was a better way?

Slide 8:

Find apartments directly from the source!

Slide 9:

Use word of mouth to find apartments Find out, really, what apartments are available, before they hit the general market

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But wait! There's more! Post your apartment Lease gets signed Reward! If you’re moving , you’re probably also looking !

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An alternative marketplace for apartment rentals Get the best listings and rent an apartment for a discounted fee. You can make money on something you never could before: the apartment you're leaving.

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A new approach to apartment rentals. Join the revolution!

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