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California Polyurea Coatings In Central and North California businesses industries and even residences trust Extreme Epoxy Coatings to give them the best possible solution for their floors walls and ceilings or any other surfaces that they want to strengthen improve its safety profile or even protected from the elements. One of our most sought-after solutions is polyurea coatings. What are Polyurea Coatings Polyurea coatings are a subset of the chemistry of urethane coatings for which polyurethane is another subset. It is formed by blending a resin with an isocyanate component. This type of coating is well-regarded for its amazing corrosion protection structural enhancement waterproofing and abrasion resistance. It is now one of the most preferred surface-protective solutions especially for its exceptional resistance against chemical atmospheric and even environmental factors. It is this wide range of physical and chemical attributes that give polyurea coatings their flexibility across many applications. Polyurea coatings are now used in many industries commercial establishments and even residences as a form of highly protective and weatherproof roof coatings and in flat roof repair. These are also applied in pipe protection as well as the repair of inner pipes. Tanks coated with polyurea are deemed virtually indestructible while the liners for trucks bulk transport wagons and freight ships are given extraordinary strength to withstand extreme loads. Polyurea coatings are also used in secondary containment systems bridges car park decks and even conveyor belts. Offshore oil rigs and other offshore platforms also use polyurea coatings because of the solution’s many amazing properties.

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What are the Advantages of Applying Polyurea Coatings One of the most unique advantages of using polyurea coatings compared to other types of protective coatings like vinyl esters fiberglass paint and epoxy is that it has a fast-setting characteristic allowing you to have very minimal downtime in your daily activities. Unlike other materials that will require several days up to a few weeks of curing before you can regain full use of your surfaces polyurea coatings set relatively fast. What this means is that it will never substantially affect your daily operations if you are in the industrial sector. EMAIL US CALL US For example if parking garages wastewater clarifiers chemical storage tanks and water tanks were applied with other types of protective coatings the will have to be shut down to empty the containers apply the protective coating and allow it to dry completely before filling them up again. The length of time applying these coatings alone can already amount to several days. The curing of these coatings will take even much longer. Throughout the period of providing adequate protection for these systems they are not performing the function they are intended to do. And this can easily translate to millions of dollars in losses. If you can significantly improve the curing time by half then you can also reduce the economic impact of such an undertaking. Polyurea coatings can also be applied on almost any other surface be it metal steel wood concrete or any other substrate. It can also be applied even in low-temperature and high- humidity environments something that you cannot do if you want to apply paint. The versatility of polyurea applications gives it exceptional uses in both residential and non-residential applications. Why Get Polyurea Coatings from Extreme Industrial Coatings Our polyurea coatings at Extreme Industrial Coatings are guaranteed to be the best solution to apply on many of your surfaces whether it is your roof your liners your tanks or any other

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facility that you want to be protected from the elements. Businesses and industries in the North and Central California areas trust our coatings to help them create an impermeable layer of protection in the fastest time so they can continue with their operations as soon as possible. Our polyurea floor coatings specialists are equipped with the right knowledge skills and attitude to help prepare your surfaces in the most efficient manner allowing our high quality premium- grade polyurea coatings to adhere to any surface. This helps ensure that you’ll get the best protection for your surfaces for a much longer period of time. At Extreme Industrial Coatings we take pride in the technology we have at our disposal. Combined with our dedication to serving you we’re simply the best in polyurea coatings contractors in California. Contact Us Today For A Free Quote On Your New Home or Businesses Polyurea Coatings Extreme Industrial Coatings Address:703 North Abby Fresno CA 93701 Phone: 559-213-4731

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