Establishment of Armed Forces Tribunal


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Armed Forces tribunal (An Indian Military Tribunal) is established under the armed forces tribunal act 2007. The law commission's report (169th report) in 1999 stated that disciplinary and service matters need a fast resolutions and proposed a special armed forces triibunal for military forces and paramilitary force


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REGD.NO.D.L.-33004199 6FIT :he .Goz.ette of ndia . EXTRAORDINARY ifT7Trr- 4 PART rr-8ection 4 . mfUcnR ••• ctl.ll PUBLISHED BY AUTHORITY :rf 7 2009/lJml1Jf 16 1931 NEW DELHI FRIDAY AUGUST 7 2009/SRAVANA 161931 oito-33004/99 . 8J No.8 \ 7 3l7ffif 2009 93f.- mcnR 1iffi 2007 2007 CfiT 55 qft t:lRT 4 IDU mr CfiT m Cfi""f mwJ 1iffi a:rr qft 10 311ffir 2009 t qft t:lRT 3 ct -m ll ct 3121Rftrn m m I 1liT..76/2009m fti MINISTRY OF DEFENCE NOTIFICATION New Delhi the 7th August 2009 S.R.O. 9E.-Inexerciseofthepowers conferred by Section 4 of the Armed Forces Tribunal Act 2007 55 of 2007 the Central Government hereby establishes the Armed Forces Tribunal with effect from the 10th August 2009 which shall be the appointed day within the meaning of clause c of Seetion 3 of the Act. F. No.7 6/2009/0 AFfCell ANAND MISRA It.Seey. 2856 GI/2009 Printed by the Manager Govt. of India Press Ring Road Mayapuri New Delhi-l10064 and Published by the Contco\ler of Publications Delhi-I I0054.

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