What You Need to Know About Basement Waterproofing

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What You Need to Know About Basement Waterproofing:

What You Need to Know About Basement Waterproofing

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With so many people electing to designate their basements as usable living space, basement waterproofing takes on even more importance. Not that you’d want a wet basement at any time, but if it is fully furnished and decorated as opposed to unfinished and bare, you stand to lose a lot more. However, don’t make the mistake of only taking the issue seriously if your basement is finished. Basement waterproofing is important no matter what stage of development your basement is in.

What Is It?:

What Is It? As the name suggests, basement waterproofing refers to taking measures to prevent water from getting into your basement. Whenever a house or similar structure is built at or below ground level, waterproofing becomes an issue. The pressure that can build up under the ground can cause water to force its way in through cracks in the house foundation. It might also come in through cracks in the floor or small openings that result from expansion and contraction.

Different Types:

Different Types The two main types of basement waterproofing are interior and exterior. For interior waterproofing: A perimeter trench drain is used to collect water before it can get into the basement. Vapor barriers and drip mouldings are worked into the existing perimeter drain to stop water coming from cracks and foundation problems. Water is directed to a sump pump and removed from the basement area.

Types cont…:

Types cont… For external waterproofing: The site is excavated to expose the foundation wall. The exterior wall is cleaned off and carefully inspected for cracks. The walls are sealed up to prevent further leaks.


Significance The significance of basement waterproofing is is evident in the financial and health and safety realm. Naturally, if your basement is flooded or even sustains a serious leak, it is going to cost you money. Sometimes, you’re looking at some major renovations to get things back to normal. Water also means moisture, which means the potential for mold to grow. Mold spores are dangerous when inhaled, and can be damaging to your lungs, your children’s lungs or to anyone else who spends a lot of time in the house.


Benefits Some of the benefits of of quality basement waterproofing are: Prevention of mold and mildew. A stronger, more structurally sound foundation. Increased home value. Added living space.

Potential Dangers:

Potential Dangers Some of the health dangers that can result from a moldy basement include: Asthma Allergic reactions Sinusitis Chronic lung infection Eczema In effective basement waterproofing may also lead to an insect infestation that could take quite a bit of time and money to remove.

Selling the Home:

Selling the Home If you become the victim of a wet basement, your ability to sell the home could be severely compromised. Even if there is no evidence of mold, a good home inspector will see that the potential is there, and you may have to take it off the market completely until it is fixed.


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