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Explore Ancient Egypt with Explor Egypt:

Explore Ancient Egypt with Explor Egypt http://www.exploregypt.net/

Temple of Edfu- Temple of Horus:

Temple of Edfu- Temple of Horus Edfu is located 60Km to the north of Aswan. It was the 2nd Nome of Upper Egypt and the centre of the cult of a triad of Gods, which consisted of Horus of Behdet, Hathor, and their son, Hor-Sama-Tawy. In the old Greek documents, Edfu was known as "Apollopolis Magna" because the Greeks identified Horus with their God Apollo.

Egypt Nile Cruise Tour:

Egypt Nile Cruise Tour If you choose to go on a Nile cruise for Nile tours, make sure that the cruise is taken as “all inclusive”, i.e. accommodation, sightseeing tours and transportation! This option is the best way for you to see all the possible Temples en route.

Pyramid of Sakkara:

Pyramid of Sakkara Saqqara is one of the most extensive archaeological sites in Egypt! It was the cemetery for Memphis, the capital of Ancient Egypt, yet it is still one of the virgin archaeological sites, despite the fact that so much has already been found here!

The museum of Memphis:

The museum of Memphis The Open Air Museum at Memphis is one of the "must see" sites in Egypt! The trip from Cairo only takes 45 minutes, it is only 20Km to the south, and the entrance fee is 21LE.

Pyramids of EL-Lahoun:

Pyramids of EL-Lahoun The site of El - Lahoun is the southernmost pyramid structure in Egypt. Its builders reduced the amount of work necessary to construct it by ingeniously using as its foundation and core a 12 meter high natural limestone hill.

The Old Market of Khan El-Khalili:

The Old Market of Khan El-Khalili It was named after Prince Jaharkas Al-Khalili, who was one of the powerful khan Mamluke Princes in the 14th century. It is famous for its unusual, typically oriental souvenirs, and handmade crafts.

Temple Of Abydos:

Temple Of Abydos The Temple of Abydos is located to the west of El-Baliana, which is a town in Sohag Governorate. In ancient times it was called Abdu, and the Greeks called it Abydos. Abydos, the 8th province in ancient Egypt, this area is considered to be amongst the most famous archaeological sites.

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