Fashionable Flat Caps for Men

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Fashionable Flat Caps for Men


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Fashionable Hats

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Learn About the Many Styles of Flat Caps Ivy Caps – Design Simplicity at Its Best Take the ivy hat, for instance. A classic among flat caps for men, this is simplicity at its best. Whether designed of linen, wool, cotton or tweed, just to name a few, the completely flat top and slightly elliptical shape mark this as an ivy cap. Indeed, its simple design accounts for its popularity among celebrities and everyday men alike. It’s the innate panache that keeps it trendy. 

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Golf Caps – Summer in Style Then there are  golf hats  for men. Typically devised of linen or cotton to ensure coolness during the heat of the day, these hats often feature various types of plaid fabric, the time-honored pattern associated with golf and one that happens to be trending right now as well. On or off the golf course, golf hats for men are a look that resonates with many men. A prime example, Justin Timberlake’s plaid golf hat, coupled with an argyle vest over a white shirt, offers a more stylish and self-assured presence than an ordinary baseball cap.

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FLAT CAPS, NEWSBOY, IVY & DRIVER HATS Also known as  ivy caps , golf hats,  newsboy hats  and driving caps, among other names, each flat cap represents a slight variation on a common theme: low-profile, decidedly cool hats for men. No wonder these hats are always fashionable.

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Driver’s Caps – Pure Style, Perfect Comfort

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Newsboy Caps – Sophisticated With a Youthful Charm

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