Don’t Forget these 5 Warning Signs of Low Tire Pressure!


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if you're noticing any warning signs of low tire pressure, then don’t delay to call your preferred mechanic to know about the tire service offered at their auto shop. Make an Appointment today!


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Want to Prevent Unexpected Tire Problems on Road? Choose “Expert Car Care Inc. in West Allis, WI” As Your Reliable Tire Service & Maintenance Shop Visit Our Official Auto Shop Website: “Locally Owned Auto and Tire Repair Shop in West Allis, WI”

Are You Wondering: “How Tire Affects Your Vehicle’s Performance?”:

Are You Wondering: “How Tire Affects Your Vehicle’s Performance?” Let’s Discuss With Our ASE Certified Auto Technicians: (414) 456-1640 The overall health of your tires affects your driving performance, so maintaining proper tire inflation is necessary to vehicle handling, overall tire performance, good fuel efficiency, and load carrying capability. A properly inflated tire will decrease tread movement (giving your tire a longer life), reduce rolling resistance (increases fuel efficiency), and increases water dispersion (decreases the possibility of hydroplaning). Both over-inflation and under-inflation can cause early tread wear and likely tire failure. Tip to Remember:  Checking the tires inflation pressure is an vital part of routine tire service , specially for your safety and that of others. Be sure to Check tire pressure once a month, and before a long road trip or when carrying an extra load. “Proudly Serving all the Vehicle Owners in West Allis, WI & Other Nearby Areas”


Noticing Any Uneven Tire Wear? Schedule an Appointment Today! Watch Out these Few Warning Signs of Low Tire Pressure In Your Vehicle! TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) -- The reason of the TPMS is to alert you when tire pressure is too low, resulting in unsafe driving conditions, undue tire wear, and possible tire failure. Check the pressure of all of the tires with a gauge and decide the cause of pressure loss. You can try adding some air, but if the light stays on, schedule a tire service & inspection. Flapping Noise – If you hear a flapping noise or a “whomp-whomp” noise when you're driving, it could the sound of the underinflated tire slapping the roadway. This is also a frequent first sign of a flat tire. Pull over right away and check the tire pressure. Steering Problems – If you notice your car is swaying into turns, taking too long to turn compared to normal, or just feels odd in terms of steering and maneuverability, it could be low tire pressure. Pull over and check the tire pressure now. If that doesn't fix the problem, take your car to your auto shop to have it checked out. Stopping Distance – If your vehicle is taking longer than usual to come to a complete stop, it could be due to low tire pressure. The tires can't grip the pavement as well when underinflated. “If you’re noticing any tire problems, Don't delay. Have a ASE Certified Technician take a look at the wear and tear of your tires today.


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