Cloud ERP for Handicraft Industry

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If you have a handicraft business, don’t even think twice before getting ERP software for handicraft industry.


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Cloud ERP for Handicraft Industry :

Cloud ERP for Handicraft Industry

Cloud ERP for Handicraft Industry :

Cloud ERP for Handicraft Industry The handicraft industry employs a large number of artisans. The gravest concern is Human Resource Mismanagement. Cloud ERP for handicraft industry can solve the problems of the handicraft industry with its flexibility and feature rich interface.

Problem 1 :

Problem 1 Sales and Purchase problems Contacts of buyers and sellers are often lost due to obsolete storage techniques Inaccuracies occur in the sale list Quotation history from raw material suppliers is absent in most cases

Solution 1 :

Solution 1 Sales and purchase problems Cloud ERP helps in maintaining the sale order list and storing it in cloud There is provision for auto generation of invoices

Problem 2 :

Problem 2 Human Resource problems Maintenance of shifts Id card generation for such a large number of employees Manual accounting of payroll is toilsome and inaccurate

Solution 2 :

Solution 2 Human Resource problems Automatic impartial allocation of shifts Automated Identity card generation Machine-based automated payroll maintenance

Problem 3:

Problem 3 Inconsistent quality Handmade products can be of varying finishes In the absence of quality checks, batches of low quality products also reach the market

Solution 3:

Solution 3 Inconsistent quality Checkpoint generation before product stocking Notification for faulty products Maintaining a record of faulty products

Problem 4:

Problem 4 Information dissipation Information often do not reach the workforce Due to a large number of employee, gatekeepers can sometimes alter the message.

Solution 4:

Solution 4 Information dissipation Notice board for proper information dissipation Effective deliverance of welfare schemes ERP for handicraft industry provides for Employee grievance tracking system



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