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E waste in India is still unexplored and unidentified among the masses and requires the best strategies that will help you to overcome the challenge of e waste and make it a safer planet for everyone.


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Save Earth from Hazards of E waste:

Sa ve Earth from Ha zards of E wa ste


Co ntent About E waste- Harmful effects of E waste- Why e waste recycling is a better solution than other? Exigo Recycling- An overview Solutions for e waste recycling Process Exigo follows for e waste recycling

An introduction to E waste- :

An introduction to E waste- All the obsolete and outdated electronic items at your home come under the category of e waste or electronic waste. Generally, television, washing machines, computers, toaster, coffee machine, microwave, oven, gizmos, iron, copper wire, cell phones, and other electronics which can no longer be used. Moreover, after a gradual period of time, the electronic items emit various radiations and toxins which can prove harmful to human beings and the environment. Thus, there are many countries but E waste Problems in India is one of biggest challenges.

Harmful Effects Associated with E waste- :

Har mful Effects Associated with E waste- How old and obsolete electronic items can be harmful or what to do for E waste Disposal ? This is one of important things which people are not aware. However, obsolete electronic items are equally harmful as any toxic fume or material. While manufacturing the electronic items, many metals and elements are used which turns into harmful toxins which emit dangerous radiations and the chemicals also leaches out from the surface. Not just e waste can be harmful to human beings, but it is also harmful to the earth, vegetation and animals. The landfills and incineration must never be followed because in these two processes, the toxins may leach out into the soil and may enter the atmosphere and will pollute it as well.

Why e waste recycling is a better solution than other?:

Why e waste recycling is a better solution than other? The recycling of waste and electronic items can be the best way which will not just conserve the valuable resources; the waste is also dumped following the environmental procedure. E waste recycling must be encouraged that is more sustainable and will prove beneficial for the environment and living beings on the earth. Recycling your old electronic is not at all possible with bare hands. So, you can look for leading recycling centers where they offer the services for recycling electronic waste following the best procedures. If you are also planning to donate or sell your old electronic, then you can look for a reliable place in your area.

Exigo Recycling- An Overview :

Exigo Recycling- An Ov erview

PowerPoint Presentation:

Exigo Recycling Pvt. Ltd is a leading Delhi based company which is constantly offering full range of e waste recycling and management solution to the clients. Exigo Recycling aims to remove the complexity of the out of the process of electronic assets management and recycling. The company aims to provide exclusive, technically advanced, transparent and sustainable way to recycle and manage your e waste and electronic assets.

Solutions for e waste recycling :

Sol utions for e waste recycling Exigo Recycling is completely certified and authorized by Government of India and State Pollution Boards. Under this authority, the company is allowed to safely collect, transport, dismantle, segregate and dispose e waste. They can collect all the obsolete electronic items which include IT, electrical, media and communication equipment. The company offers its exclusive e waste management solutions to all the clients including producers and businesses. They offer a full range of Data destruction, Data security and other solutions to the clients from every industry.

Process that Exigo follows for e waste recycling :

Pro cess that Exigo follows for e waste recycling The company Exigo Recycling follows a simple process for the recycling of electronic waste. They have located their plant at Samalkha in Haryana where they get all the redundant and obsolete electronic items recycled. Moreover, the environmental friendly process that they follow for the recycling of e waste is-

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“Thus, e waste recycling must be encouraged all across the world which will help making our planet safer for the entire environment and life existing on it”. -Exigo Recycling

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“ Thank You Exigo Recycling published by http://exigorecycling.com/ @ ExigoRecycling exigo.recycling

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