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Exfuze Coffee - http://exfuze.com/giftcard - (561) 705-3308 New Popular Diet Aid is Taking The Country by Storm Researchers discovered the 'Magic Bullet' for healthy weight loss?... Move Over Weight Watchers, a new dietary supplement combination has doctors raving. See What Dr. Oz is saying about Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Bean extract are at the top of the weight loss world. http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/garcinia-cambogia-newest-fastest-fat-buster-pt-1 Due to its almost unbelievable results, it has also created quite a frenzy among dieters. The unique combination of Garcinia Cambogia, a fat burning extract from a rare tropical fruit, and Green Coffee Beans is so effective it has become one of the hottest diets in the United States. No doubt about it, the Garcinia Cambogia diet is probably the number one bestselling diet in the U.S. And for good reason - both the research and real-life success stories suggest it really does seem to live up to the hype. The Safe Choice Can Be Found @ http://exfuze.com/giftcard


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eXfuze Pre-Launch Teaser

eXfuze Strategy of Consumable Products:

eXfuze Strategy of Consumable Products Replace what the masses already do Make it affordable Make it healthy Make them taste good Create great opportunities for our distributors and our customers

How big is this market?:

Approximately 83% of adults in the United States drink coffee, according to the National Coffee Associations 2013 report Reports predict that the USA coffee market alone will top $58.3 billion in 2014 and growing at 6% per year Within the broader market, the Latino market consume twice as much espresso, concentrated coffee than other groups Average price for an espresso or premium coffee is $2.45, a more standard brewed cup averages $1.38 The average American consume 3.1 cups per day, spending about $4.28 a day on the low end and about $7.59 for more premium products This averages to between $128.34 to $227.85 a month! How big is this market?

K-Cups Changed the Way we Consume Coffee…at home… and at work:

See many Keurig coffee makers around? “ Keurig K-Cups are the hottest thing in at-home coffee systems,” - Ty Law, U.S. research analyst for Euromonitor International, Chicago, told Beverage Industry in its December 2011 issue. “ Keurig single-serve machines have been accepted by a wide variety of consumers due to the range of coffees you can get in the K-Cup format. While consumers are fairly brand loyal, they do enjoy flexibility. By buying the Keurig machine, customers are not being locked into a particular brand or type of coffee.” This is significant because it means that the Keurig machines are creating NON-brand loyal customers and are enabling customers to experiment with multiple brands and flavors. The downside? These machines average $150 and take up a lot valuable counter space…and increasing landfill! K-Cups Changed the Way we Consume Coffee…at home… and at work

The Original Energy Drink is getting more convenient!:

Chicago-based market research firm Symphony IRI Group reports that the ready-to-drink (RTD) cappuccino, hot instant and iced coffee segment grew 12% to $917 million in sales in 2012 In its Coffee report, Mintel attributes RTD coffee’s performance to the Fast, convenience required amongst young adults and the introduction of coffee-and-energy-drink combinations that also appeal to younger consumers. Among the RTD category’s fastest growing brands were Seattle’s Best iced canned lattes, which are offered through the Starbucks-PepsiCo collaboration, the North American Coffee Partnership, and Illy Issimo , which is produced and marketed through a joint venture between Atlanta-based The Coca-Cola Co. and Italian company Illycaffe . (Note: the 3 largest beverage companies have partnered together to aggressively go after this market, big players involved in a big market) Typical cost per RTD Bottle is anywhere from $2.50 - $4.50 (retail) per bottle and filled with sugar, synthetic caffeine and preservatives. The Original Energy Drink is getting more convenient! Young people are waking up to the health problems they are creating for themselves

The MLM Coffee War:

Amid all the Online, Retail, DTC and RTD Coffee Products, there exists many instant ground … “healthy coffees” from many MLM companies: Organo Gold Boresha Javita SoZo Youngevity GanoExcel GanoLife SereniGy And many more entering the market every year! Many have some “ thermogenic ” benefits, as well as ganoderma mushrooms (known to have phenomenal antioxidant capabilities) The MLM Coffee War

We refuse to be this::

We refuse to be this: A leading MLM coffee company’s premium product

Or this…:

Or this… Top MLM’s Coffee

So Why Coffee? Why Now? Why eXfuze:

So Why Coffee? Why Now? Why eXfuze eXfuze has been developing a formula to create a truly healthy, industry first , liquid coffee for several years, the problem has always been the inability to stabilize liquid coffee Coffee after about an hour, has an oxidative effect Oxidation causes rust on a car and has a similar effect on the inside of a human body We all know how incredible the Ganoderma mushroom is, the problem is that without using extraction, the human digestive system has limited ability to get what it needs Instant coffee companies get a small amount of extraction when they mix the coffee in hot water, but it is very limited In fact, some companies are just simply “fairy dusting” their products with mushrooms or other ‘beneficial’ ingredients to limit the downside of the taste Because eXfuze has discovered the way to create a liquid coffee that stays like fresh brewed, we can use our extraction technology to truly create healthy coffee, not just claim it is good for you Even though these companies have had success, the story is what sells as they do not mix well, taste good, or offer a long-term consumption value opportunity, the best tasting freeze dried coffee is Nescafe which is pretty inexpensive! Only way to cover the poor flavor is sweeteners, corn syrup…etc.

The Right Product, at the Right Time, by the Right company:

The Right Product, at the Right Time, by the Right company eXfuze has produced a great tasting, healthy, no-preservative, full-of extracts (not fairy dusted), truly instant, liquid concentrated coffee that: Tastes Great -- Can be consumed black …it tastes that good Mixes Well-- no residue of grounds or gunk at the bottom Can be HOT or COLD-- meeting the need for the go-fast market (try ice coffee with a freeze dried product) Has Patent-pending Technology-- allowing it to be FREE of preservatives yet have a long shelf-life without rancidity Is Healthy-- with the incredible Ganoderma mushroom in a liquid extract technology Is Thermogenic -- with Green coffee beans, Garcinia Cambogia and Rasberry Keytones – drink coffee and burn fat? Has Great Anti-Oxidant capability-- because it’s freshly brewed, not ‘re-brewed’, thus we remove the oxidative risk It truly is in a CLASS, and CATEGORY all itself !

Coffee has finally graduated:

Coffee has finally graduated We have developed a patent pending delivery system to guarantee fresh, liquid coffee Tastes fresh, tastes great Unique, totally new, game changer Economical and great value by costing the least amount per serving eXfuze extract technology


Opportunity! eXfuze wanted to make an instant “leader” in a whole new category of coffees, and put it in a class all by itself eXfuze also wanted to give EVERYONE an easy, duplicable product, to help build your business fast, it’s a consumable replacement sale This product will have one of the best prices, and a great BV spread as good or better than any other MLM competitor, we will be sure to follow our “consumable requirements” And, at less than $1.50 per serving, it will give retailers and the entire DTC market a run for their money! We will go after ALL markets and segments, as the eXfuze product is uniquely positioned to do just that

Next Steps for you?:

Next Steps for you? On next Monday’s special call, Rick Cotton and Joe Melling will talk about the duplication strategy that we will use for this incredible new product, do not miss this call! Come “warm-up” with us at the International Orlando convention, in February 6 th -8 th to get a first look and taste and be among the first in the world to get this new product!

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