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For apply the study visa on the excelishan site. don’t confuse you for visa apply . ISA program countries vary greatly in their visa require for student. The application process for a student ISA also varies by state.


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  The following detail in designed to assist study abroad advice as they guide their student to obtain a student visa to study overseas. Ukrainian study abroad regulatory practice consultant affairs liaison subcommittee member review these pages regularly for accuracy, but the consulate to which the student applies for a visa may change its procedure. Student and adviser should confirm specific procedure with each relevant consultant. I ntroduction

Apply for students:-:

Apply for students:- In many states student are require to obtain a visa in order to study for a summer, semester, or year. The best resource is to consultants either the embassy or consultant website to search out their requirement. If a student is going through a program that has handled students visas in the past, they may be able to provide guidance and advice on whether or not your student will need a visa of course you can also reach out to Ukrainian study abroad consultants affair liaison subcommittee and we are happy to assist with questions when we are able to.

Process time :

Process time Visa process can take as little as a few days for some countries to month. It is important to plan time in for visa process, particular for student who is applying to study abroad in the spring semester when the time between search out they have been accepted to go and leaving is very close together.

Changing visa while abroad :

Changing visa while abroad In many cases students are able to obtain a tourist visa prior to leave or upon entry to the state and then change it during the courses of the semester. It is the important to search this in advance and know the legal ramification of coming in under the wrong visa status.

Visa fees:

Visa fees Processing of the visa application from 85 Ukraine . We offer up to 40 day for regular visa process and rush processing for up to 9 day. And single entry visa 85 VSA double entry visa 130 VSA. The legalization (per document) and certification of translation and verification of the document. Note: please note that these information change from time due to the nature of the Ukraine study. Please contact us for more information.

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