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AWS Solutions Architect Professional

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What is AMAZON Amazon is an American electronic commerce and cloud computing company with headquarters in Seattle Washington. It is the largest Internet-based retailer in the United States. Amazon started as an online bookstore but soon diversified selling DVDs Blu-rays CDs video downloads/streaming MP3 downloads/streaming software video games electronics apparel furniture food toys and jewelry. The company also produces consumer electronics—notably Amazon Kindle e-book readers Fire tablets Fire TV and Fire Phone—and is the worlds largest provider of cloud infrastructure services .Amazon also sells certain low-end products like USB cables under its in-house brand Amazon Basics

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Certifications AWS Certifications recognize IT professionals that possess the skills and technical knowledge necessary for designing deploying and operating applications and infrastructure on AWS. Earning certification helps you gain visibility and credibility for your proven experience working with AWS as well as contributes to your organization’s proficiency with AWS-based applications. Professional Level: AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional Associate Level AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional Prepare for AWS Certification

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional  Designing and deploying dynamically scalable highly available fault tolerant and reliable applications on AWS  Selecting appropriate AWS services to design and deploy an application based on given requirements  Migrating complex multi-tier applications on AWS  Designing and deploying enterprise-wide scalable operations on AWS  Implementing cost control strategies dumps.html

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 Required Prerequisite: status as AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate  Multiple choice and multiple answer questions  170 minutes to complete the exam Here are some questions that will help you in your exam

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Question No 1: You have an application running on an EC2 instance which will allow users to download files from a private S3 bucket using a pre-signed URL. Before generating the URL the application should verify the existence of the file in S3. How should the application use AWS credentials to access the S3 bucket securely A. Use the AWS account access keys the application retrieves the credentials from the source code of the application. B. Create an IAM role for EC2 that allows list access to objects In the S3 bucket launch the Instance with the role and retrieve the roles credentials from the EC2 instance metadata. C. Create an IAM user for the application with permissions that allow list access to the S3 bucket the application retrieves the 1AM user credentials from a temporary directory with permissions that allow read access only to the Application user. D. Create an IAM user for the application with permissions that allow list access to the S3 bucket launch the instance as the IAM user and retrieve the IAM users credentials from the EC2 instance user data. Answer: D

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Question No 2: Your system recently experienced down time. During the troubleshooting process you found that a new administrator mistakenly terminated several production EC2 instances. Which of the following strategies will help prevent a similar situation in the future The administrator still must be able to: - launch start stop and terminate development resources - launch and start production instances. A. Leverage EC2 termination protection and multi-factor authentication which together require users to authenticate before terminating EC2 instances. B. Leverage resource based tagging along with an IAM user which can prevent specific users from terminating production EC2 resources. C. Create an IAM user which is not allowed to terminate instances by leveraging production EC2 termination protection. D. Create an IAM user and apply an IAM role which prevents users from terminating production EC2 instances. Answer: D

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Question No 3: You currently operate a web application in the AWS US-East region. The application runs on an auto-scaled layer of EC2 instances and an RDS Multi-AZ database. Your IT security compliance officer has tasked you to develop a reliable and durable logging solution to track changes made to your EC2 IAM and RDS resources. The solution must ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your log data. Which of these solutions would you recommend A. Create a new CloudTrail trail with one new S3 bucket to store the logs. Configure SNS to send log file delivery notifications to your management system. Use IAM roles and S3 bucket policies on the S3 bucket that stores your logs. B. Create a new CloudTrail trail with an existing S3 bucket to store the logs and with the global services option selected. Use S3 ACLs and Multi Factor Authentication MFA Delete on the S3 bucket that stores your logs. C. Create a new CloudTrail trail with one new S3 bucket to store the logs and with the global services option selected. Use IAM roles S3 bucket policies and Multi Factor Authentication MFA Delete on the S3 bucket that stores your logs. D. Create three new CloudTrail trails with three new S3 buckets to store the logs: one for the AWS Management Console one for AWS SDKs and one for command line tools. Use 1AM roles and S3 bucket policies on the S3 buckets that store your logs. Answer: C

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Question No 4: An ERP application is deployed across multiple AZs in a single region. In the event of failure the Recovery Time Objective RTO must be less than 3 hours and the Recovery Point Objective RPO must be 15 minutes. The customer realizes that data corruption occurred roughly 1.5 hours ago. What DR strategy could be used to achieve this RTO and RPO in the event of this kind of failure A. Take 15 minute DB backups stored in Glacier with transaction logs stored in S3 every 5 minutes. B. Use synchronous database master-slave replication between two availability zones. C. Take hourly DB backups to EC2 instance store volumes with transaction logs stored In S3 every 5 minutes. D. Take hourly DB backups to S3 with transaction logs stored in S3 every 5 minutes. Answer: C

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Question No 5: To serve Web traffic for a popular product your chief financial officer and IT director have purchased 10 m1.large heavy utilization Reserved Instances RIs evenly spread across two availability zones Route 53 is used to deliver the traffic to an Elastic Load Balancer ELB. After several months the product grows even more popular and you need additional capacity. As a result your company purchases two c3.2xlarge medium utilization RIs. You register the two c3.2xlarge instances with your ELB and quickly find that the m1.large instances are at 100 of capacity and the c3.2xlarge instances have significant capacity thats unused. Which option is the most cost effective and uses EC2 capacity most effectively A. Configure Autoscaling group and Launch Configuration with ELB to add up to 10 more on-demand m1.large instances when triggered by Cloudwatch. Shut off c3.2xlarge instances. B. Configure ELB with two c3.2xlarge instances and use on-demand Autoscaling group for up to two additional c3.2xlarge instances. Shut off m1.large instances. C. Route traffic to EC2 m1.large and c3.2xlarge instances directly using Route 53 latency based routing and health checks. Shut off ELB. D. Use a separate ELB for each instance type and distribute load to ELBs with Route 53 weighted round robin. Answer: B

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AWS Solutions Architect Professional

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