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Question No 1: A communication error suddenly occurs in an enterprise. It is found that the database log file is too large which results in insufficient disk space and data write exceptions. Which of the following statements is INCORRECT A. Periodically delete the log file. B. Periodically back up the database file. C. The log file needs to be periodically deleted and does not need to be periodically backed up. Answer: C https://www.exams4sure.net/huawei/H11-828-exam-questions-dumps.html

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Question No 2: When the UC service system is faulty the backup service files can be directly used to recover the system. A. TRUE B. FALSE Answer: B https://www.exams4sure.net/huawei/H11-828-exam-questions-dumps.html

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Question No 3: Which of the following statements are CORRECT as regard to AD integration Multiple Choice A. AD data can be periodically synchronized to the BMU. B. The BMU uses the LDAP interface to synchronize data from the AD server. C. The AD server can automatically push data to the BMU. Answer: A B https://www.exams4sure.net/huawei/H11-828-exam-questions-dumps.html

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Question No 4: U1900 series unified gateways are deployed in redundancy mode in an enterprise. One day a communication fault occurs so all users cannot make voice calls. The cause of the fault is that the active gateway breaks down but the standby gateway does not take over services from the active gateway. In this case which of the following methods is the most suitable A. Check whether the standby gateway is normal and manually switch to the standby gateway to recover services. B. Locate the fault that causes the failure of the two-node cluster switchover after the active gateway is faulty. C. Locate the fault that causes the active gateway breakdown. Answer: A https://www.exams4sure.net/huawei/H11-828-exam-questions-dumps.html

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Question No 5: IP phone user A and IP phone user B register with the same AR router The AR router does not connect to the PSTN. After A successfully calls B A can properly talk with B. The call is an call. A. Intra-office B. Inter-office C. Intra-domain D. Inter-domain Answer: A https://www.exams4sure.net/huawei/H11-828-exam-questions-dumps.html

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