Energy Efficient Building Materials

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A wide variety of energy efficient building materials is now available for today's home builder. Here in this presentation, we have shared some new eco-friendly Advance Technologies in home building; they're affordable, more efficient and greener. For more information contact us (951) 788-2050


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Energy Efficient Building Materials :

Energy Efficient Building Materials

Recycled Steel :

Recycled Steel Steel beams can be used as a replacement for wooden ones and can be ordered to fit a specific design. Steel is a very durable material and particularly useful in areas where there are earthquakes and high winds.

Straw Bales:

Straw Bales It can help us with its excellent insulation properties. If kept dry they can last for hundreds of years and they bond well to plaster and external render.

Structural Insulated Panels :

Structural Insulated Panels It is fire resistant and suitable for floors, basements, foundations as well as load bearing walls. You can choose from a variety of materials but the principle remains the same. This material will help you reduce your energy bill greatly. You can consult a handyman services company if you want to know more about this.

Plastic Composite Lumber :

Plastic Composite Lumber It is resistant to mold and rot and more rigid in the cold and pliable in the heat than purely plastic building materials. Also the one in the picture is the anti-slip variety which is suitable for bathrooms and outside decks.

Low-E Windows :

Low-E Windows Low-E windows or also known as "high performance" windows are another great substitute for normal glass which will help you reduce heat during summer and block infrared radiation. They have a clear coating of metal oxide. It also helps keep the heat in during the winter. They can reduce heat flow by up to 50%.

Vacuum Insulation Panels :

Vacuum Insulation Panels Currently only used for commercial refrigeration units they could become available for general home building in the future. They comprise of a textured silver rectangle that encloses a core panel in an airtight envelope. All of this means heat loss will be reduced to a minimum and we'll have much greener homes.

Cool Roof:

Cool Roof It will improve the heat dissipation and will lower temperatures in your home during summer A LOT. It's also safe for the environment because it lowers heat in the atmosphere. The name is a bid misleading though, it's not that these roofs are cooling your home like an air-conditioner, its their reflectiveness which gives them the name. They reflect the sunlight and thus reducing the heat in your home.

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