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Documenting Genoa’s History:

An In-Service Presentation for Genoa Area High School Social Studies, Language Arts, and Technology Staff Documenting Genoa’s History Elizabeth Wilcox CIMT 513

What is an oral history?:

What is an oral history? Why are they important? An individual’s commentary about a historical experience. They offer us a glimpse into the lives of ordinary people.

An example…:

An example … WW II Oral History

Why are we discussing oral histories?:

Introduce our mandatory senior project Explain implementation Specify logistics Offer examples Establish oversight committee Why are we discussing oral histories?

Introduction: Who?:

Genoa Area High School students Genoa Area High School staff Social Studies, Language Arts, Technology Genoa Public Library Genoa Historical Society Residents of Genoa Introduction: Who?

Introduction: What?:

Mandatory oral history project for seniors Graduation requirement Replace our current service hour project Introduction: What?

Introduction: Where?:

Genoa community and neighboring villages Genoa Area High School Senior social studies classes Government Economics Senior composition classes Senior technology classes Introduction: Where?

Introduction: When?:

Final products created during a student's senior year Language arts core classes Social studies core classes Introductory technology classes Introduction: When?

Introduction: Why?:

Difficulty with senior community service requirement Preserve Genoa (and local community) history Community outreach Apply real-life application skills Improve cross-curricular teaching and learning Introduction: Why?

Introduction: How?:

Requirement begins with current eighth-graders Project assigned by senior government/economics teachers Supported in senior composition Produced in technology class Stored digitally at the public library Oversight committee assesses final products Introduction: How?

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