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Visit us on : https://www.ewc.network This video explains more about our team and how we makes a change by bringing a new concept in the international freight forwarders network concept. Please watch and reach out to us in case of any questions.


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Logistic Made Simple


DIGITAL FREIGHT FORWARDER NETWORK EWC Network proudly presents an innovative DIGITAL PLATFORM, offering the most complete range of products and services, totally dedicated to facilitate and streamline the service of the Freight Forwarder Be part of a large community and get the best tools to run your business! All this at no cost


One Digital Platform for all activities Complete Agent listing with rating Instant Chat with Members Pre-Alert for shipment announcement eWallet for online payments Cargo Insurance Ewallet with Multirates comparison Payment Protection Insurance WMS with E-Commerce Integration Last Mile Delivery with POD OUR PLATFORM HIGHLIGHTS Freight Forwarders always need to be very competitive & grab more business through new technologies. Here are our platform highlights!

Everything is as simple as that!:

Everything is as simple as that! Being different from the usual Networks play around, we typically follow a new pattern called “No Membership” where we do not ever demand any amount upfront or even per year. But instead, all happens only upon your business through other member inside the network. No other hidden charges and no risks at all! Moreover, get “Instant Money‟ from our platform whenever you make shipments happen through other member inside the group. In addition, enjoy the “Nested Group” facility that helps building “favourite” partners inside the group. And, even more!

Service charge of $25 once you receive!:

Once the RFQ (Request for Quote) is open from any of the members and if you respond to the same, you shall have a great chance of receiving the deal. Only once you receive shipment from that member, you shall have to pay a "Service charge" of $25.00 to the platform. Service charge of $25 once you receive! This happens from your e-Wallet

Reward of $8 on each shipment you send!:

At the same time, once any of the members accept the RFQ from you and thereby you are sending a shipment, you shall get a direct reward of $8 on each shipment you send. Reward of $8 on each shipment you send! This goes to your e-Wallet

4 Levels of Ranking:

Active Members are rewarded all along the journey and receive higher rankings to get more benefits Platinum Gold Silver Bronze 4 Levels of Ranking Boost your revenue

Members need to register the branches first!:

To get started, please make sure of your Branch offices registered with EWC Network. To be specific, only if your branches are located outside the country, you must have to register the corresponding new country with our portal. But, for all the local branches, no need of a registration and you can directly add from the portal itself. Members need to register the branches first! The first thing to do!

Keep $100 in your e-Wallet balance, why?:

O ur network policy makes sure of adding only credible members like you. This option helps us to filter the quality of our members and keeps a benchmarking On receiving each shipment from any members within, your service charge shall be deducted from your e-Wallet only Keep $100 in your e-Wallet balance, why? The e-Wallet completely belongs to you only & can be withdrawn anytime!

Everything is as simple as that!:

Register for FREE to the EWC Network Every member to be checked before approval ( about 3 - 4 business days) Receive a confirmation e-mail Ready to go Everything is as simple as that! EWC is a Reward Based Digital Platform that connects Freight Forwarders and Customers Try it! You’ll love it!!!


EWC International Ltd 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ United Kingdom +65 315-81497 | hello@ewc.network ©2020 | EWC Network

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